Word Heaps – Find all hidden words

[Game] Word Heaps – Swipe to Connect the Stack Word

Word Heaps  DOWNLOAD the LATEST word puzzle game for FREE NOW!

Word Heaps is an AMAZING word puzzle game for WORD GENIUSES! Use clues to find all hidden words! Play and exercise your brain!

Each puzzle has a CLUE. Correct swipe the letters to form hidden words of a specific topic.


Each puzzle has an interesting CLUE. Use it to find the related words in each puzzle!
200+ PACKS, 2000+ LEVELS!
Puzzles will become more and more CHALLENGING! Use PROPS to help you whenever get stuck!
Earn REWARDS for finding extra words!
Get INFINITE coins by watching videos!
Play offline in ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.
All grids are double-checked to make sure they are CHALLENGING and SOLVABLE!
Applicable to any ages!

This is a perfect word games for word fans. Download and enjoy the word puzzle game !

Play word heaps now! you will find it so addictive and just can’t put your phone down. There are many similar word games but this game will standout for sure.

Word games for the smart, word games for the geniuses, word games for the master!


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Word Heaps user reviews :

It was surprisingly easy to install. The backdrop is plain and simple, which makes it easier for me to concentrate. I like the congrats and acculates at the end of each round…

I’m so happy that you have a Bible word game! I also love the hints within the verse that let me know the letter count for the boxes in which can be found at a given time when I’ve discovered a word! Really awesome!

Great game barring one annoying feature, the ads. You can’t back out of them and I know they’re only a few seconds but they are after level played. And you can’t make a purchase to get rid of them. Come on developers, you’ve got a great little game here but I want to play the game not watch ads for games I either already have or wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. Give us the option to buy coins and get rid of the ada, please. Otherwise, I may get too fed up with ads and uninstall.

It’s a very good game so far plus it’s not actually a game it’s a Dictionary Filled with different type of words for you to find and know the meaning for them. Update: I recommend This game to all who believes in god and the holy book which is called the bible.

First I thought it was too simple and almost gave up. Continued a few more levels and found it more and more fun… And addictive! Now I love it! Really like how you give categories for the words. Like the way the puzzle is structured! Good job!! Perfect for these ‘shut in’ days!!

By this we can develop our dictionary that we come to know all the difficult words. that we can’t use in our daily life. so it’s an extraordinary and superb app and a nice approach to learn such type of English words and everyone should try this app specifically it’s good for children who have less knowledge of English language or words. Superb app should try

Really very enjoyable. Slowly getting more difficult. Most importantly the advertisement is short and less abrasive than other games and it doesn’t push you to spend money. ( Yet) . Quite a novel experience not to be inundated with having to pay outrageous prices for subscribing. Thank you.

I love this game it makes you think about not only the words in each level but also making you think about other words to find to boost ur coins up, i spend a good 1 to 2 hours on this a day and enjoy finding new words everytime i play it as soon as i get up in the morning i open the game up to do the daily challenge its fantastic

For a defective eyesight word heaps is the best word puzzle game. It is cool, clear and the letters are big enough to see them without squinting my eyes. And it does not stops the music.

So far so good. Just started, so no problems yet. It’s a fun game passes the time has my interest. It should get more challenging as I get into higher levels. No complaints of ads.

I love this game! I can play it without getting frustrated. Few ads, but short and tolerable. Bright colors, nice music. Really nice way to pass time.

So far it’s fun and moves quickly enough so as not to be boring. The only issue I’d say is that it’s not very generous with coins. People who need them may be disappointed. Otherwise I really enjoy it

Really great game to play.. absolutely no hang ups, minimal ads to interfere in the game, smooth running. Just alot of fun and challenging.. I love it… Great Job!!

Wow, just downloaded and its fun and addictive. Getting challenging. I love the graphics, very friendly to the eyes…. Thank you, Great Game.

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