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[Game] Word Holiday – Crossword & Design

Word Holiday  Relax your mind infinitely in Word Holiday and become a scrabble master!

Relax your mind in Word Holiday! We created a fun and addicting search and connect word puzzles to train your brain! Jumping into the excitement of Word Holiday! Immerse yourself into the wonderful storyline combine with the fun puzzles to relax and ease your mind. Find a place to free your brain!

Challenge yourself to connect the crossword and found as many as hidden words you can! Beat word crossing levels to renovate and decorate your own bookstore, unlocking ever more stores on a verdant street, near the beach, or even in the forest! You can be the owner of international bookstore chains! Solving word puzzles by simply swiping, filling quotes in books, receiving magical words, and designing stores in your way, you can experience these as you like. What are you waiting for? Make yourself at home!

Enjoy word connect and word find games? This is your choice!

Unique gameplay: help Alfred to renovate the bookstore by swapping and finding words!
Various types of word games: More than 2000 crossword levels, more than 200-word search levels, and challenging daily puzzles, escape and relax your brain!
Renovated your own bookstore: Pass levels to decorate your bookstores, give the old mansion a complete makeover! Show off your designer skills by furnishing and decorating the bookstore in the town, near the beach, and other places!
Exquisite and fancy themes: Plenty of beautiful images and game scenes will bring you a wonderful visual experience and free your brain.
Rich rewards and hidden gifts: Game props, coins, decorations, and even lovely pets, you can collect and use them as long as you pass enough crossword levels!
Whatever you prefer word crossing, word searching, or other word games, you can find in word Holidays!

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Word Holiday user reviews :

Started as an enjoyable game but now uninstalling for the following reasons.. Too few rewards for extended gameplay.. Too few coins for winning.. Too many coins needed for boosters.. Geninue word’s not placed in the chest/loss of combo because of this.. The game accepts these word’s and name’s at other times.. Annoying ads over gameplay.. Having to use large amounts of coins to purchase decorations and answers to questions which changes the outcome of the themes.. A waste of time due to these..

Is there more levels after the underwater one? I like this game, it easy and fun and you can save coins rather easily. Technically only one option is free but the middle one is cheap coin wise and the third you just have to watch a video.. No biggie!!

Everytime i try to watch an ad it says no ad available right now try again later.. so I loose out in getting my 2x reward or the reward itself.. I wish you would fix this so I can play without getting upset

Good game. But if you want the good items and to complete the story line you need alot of coins. So basically it is a p2w game. .

Good game BUT trying to collect some coins, it is necessary to watch an advertisement BUT it constantly says ADS NOT AVAILABLE. Why bother?? with the ads??

I really liked playing this game, but since the update I no longer can do any designing since my rooms r all white. I’ll be on installing it. Thanks

I like this game got all the way up to level 128 then it just stop really please fix it

decent game but has some issues. what’s the point in a “redecorating game” if only one choice is free?? you either choose the free option, pay for a second option OR watch an ad for the third. coins don’t add up quick enough for this especially when you factor in that you need to use coins for any good dialogue options. which, by the way, cost such a ridiculous amount of coins you’ll rarely be able to buy them.

Excellent game and definitely keeps my old brain cells earning their keep

If you decide to skip a level halfway through because it’s difficult, you are told to cheer up – and get to keep the coins you have earned. I haven’t seen this in any other word game. Plus, you earn new pets, more pages in a storyline And decorations. Great!

I enjoyed for awhile but it got harder to make words that were similar and I thought the storyline was a little weird. It was getting too long to get enough coins to complete the decorations.

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