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[Game] Word Logic

Word Logic  Words broken into small tiles + matching pictures + a common theme = what is it?

That’s WordLogic, a game for word warriors large and small!
Find out why every knight loves this game and join the fun!

WordLogic is Your best trivia teammate, you enjoy the game while it trains you. This offline logic quiz will help you gain enough experience to defeat any opponent in any battlefield of knowledge that deals with facts and the relationship!

WordLogic is a word-association game. It’s an exciting way to learn new words and fun facts by matching words and pictures.

Each puzzle contains pictures and words that have something in common.
Just read the name of the level, flip through four or more pictures, figure out what they have in common, put the tiles in the right order to spell a word, and use your wits to line them all up in a row! Or why not four rows, six rows, or eight rows?
Just run them all through with your knightly spear! It’s easy! :)

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be Lancelot to complete this quest. Just stick with it, and there’s no castle you can’t conquer!
Can you guess all the words and unlock all the levels?
Tons of puzzles, from easy-peasy to fiendishly tricky, are waiting for you!

Are you sick of boring old logic games? Well, we are too!
We’ll show you all the tricks up our sleeves after you complete the level.

Every level is a new challenge, and every new castle brings a host of mighty verbal foes.
Take a break and unwind by engrossing yourself in this amazing logic game.
It’s a breezy, fun puzzle game where every batch of words gives you a new gameplay experience for the whole family. And it’s now on Android!

But that’s not all – this simple, yet highly addictive knight-themed puzzle game is absolutely free!
We build new castles all the time, but it’s up to you to storm them!

It’s simple to learn and easy to get started, but you’ll soon find yourself challenged by a real brainteaser!
What’s the solution? Look at the pictures and partial words, put them all in the right order, line up the tiles, and win!

Hundreds of levels – hours of fun!

Refresh your memory about obscure words, learn new ones, and increase your vocabulary!

The secrets behind the logical construction of each level are now expanded upon in the descriptions at the end. Wow!

Solve puzzles, test your knowledge, improve your logic skills with interesting quiz questions, and climb to the top of the leaderboard!

Word Logic is free to play and great for developing your vocabulary.
Line up tiles, put syllables in the right order, spell words, and complete your quest by conquering this brainteaser today!

Questions or suggestions? Contact us at support[at]lunappstudio.com

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Word Logic user reviews :

Love, love, love this game and deserves 5 stars but lately I can’t get any help from the hints. when I hit the hint button it brings me to “be a member” and then brings me back to the purchase page. Sucks cause some of these are really hard and you need the hints to pass. Hopefully this new member thing goes away soon or it won’t be any use to keep the game.
  • Lunapp
  • Our apologies. We made some bugs releasing the update, so purchases are temporarily shifted 1 point down. Expect a fix soon. You will be able to use hints, as well as purchase new ones (by paying or by viewing ads) just like before. Membership gives you access to additional levels and disables ads.
I am very surprised by this game… it is very well designed and isn’t completely screwed up by tons of ads or constant requests for money to keep paying… I am always happy to watch ads in order to get farther in a game as long as they aren’t intrusive or every 10 seconds…. I recommend this game for any one that likes trivandrum combined with an interesting method of completing the puzzles… very awesome
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you very much! We are very pleased to hear that
Ridiculous interesting and most frustrating at times , challenging and well worth trying. Is there an exit route from game / topic without just stopping? + This is the most frustratingly irritating Game…It is now my Favourite waste of Time. Thank you muchly / Can’t understand negative comments from other users? I am 68+ and having Now realised that Americanisms are used still get frustrated Am on 2nd round, have some topics changed, or have I forgotten what they were ?Very clever format
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you for your feedback! Please let us know how we can improve the game?

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