World War 1944 – Lead military operations

[Game] World War 1944

World War 1944  Battle with German and British army to conquer the world in world war 2.

Make strategic decisions, lead military operations with snipers, bazooka’s, officer, and tanks.

Use planking and other strategies to reduce enemy morale and win the battlefields with air support.

Do you have what it takes to be a World War II general?

80+ levels of world war 2 locations
10+ world war army units including special troops
Unique gameplay and sound effects to give real war immersive experience
Requires different strategies like planking, camping, bombing to capture enemy war field
Characters with unique animations in pixel retro design
D Day battles and enemy bosses
Powerful firepower weapons give you the best experience of strategy games.
Armored artillery, mortars, heavy weapons, fighter jets that appeared in World War 2.

Take control of massive armies and clash with enemy soldiers in this legendary world war 1944 offline military games. WW2 Strategy and tactics games is the new strategy games and rapid tactical war games set during the turbulent period from 1941-1945.

Relive the flame of the greatest battles of the world in this military strategy WW2 war games!

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World War 1944 user reviews :

Not bad, but not good either. After every mission you get under 30 dollars. Really the only way to get money is to buy it, so kinda pay to win. The bomber is 1500 dollars, and there is no way to get the bomber under 24 hours. I do not recommend this game to anyone who wants a good gaming experience. Other than that, the game is good.

I’ve played a game way too similar, by a different studio. This game was way more buggy, glitch that teleports the screen and the lane selection is finicky. That game didn’t have these problems, but the rating doesn’t come from that comparison, it comes from the bugs and lack of originality. Several of the games made by this studio are just the same thing reskinned. I do appreciate the amount of levels for free though, that gives the second star.

12 hour wait times between sections of levels, very little gold per mission with high cost for upgrading troops or hiring new ones, lots of bugs that won’t let you move troops forwards or sometimes takes money without deploying anything. Everything in the game is trying to force you to spend real money on in game currency just to play. Save your time and money and just download one of the many other games like this that don’t force you to wait to play or try to squeeze money from you.

Still some major bugs that need to be addressed. Units aren’t deployed but charge your unit currency. Units at far top will not be selected at first tap. Like 7 or 8 and then you’re able to select a unit to move it forward. Has potential but needs work

The games is good but the room for the soldier is not much sooooo I wanted a full room of the army and the coming soon………what is the map you were thinking I hope there a unit.Well I really like the graphics much much better and I want there a flamethrower tank and army and new tank and airplane and new army I really like if you can choose side like the american,british,france,german and japan I hope the one of the new map is the pacific USA vs Japanese I will like to see really good.

When people rate this 1 star that is ludicrous!!! This is a very good game I really like compared to other games like this. But for those of you out there that don’t like it then just don’t rate it. Simply uninstall instead of ruining this games ratings. Overall great game I think 1 of best war games ever. 1 complaint though the levels give you too little of money to upgrade your units. GREAT GAME FOR WAR PEOPLE EVERYWHERE

great game just like WW1 but WW2 is better it has different maps… same map name by the way… but World War 2 is alot different than World War 1 WW2 has D-Day battle does it have to look different? …thanks for adding the assult and the bazooka… and why officers smoke in WW2? officers don’t smoke in WW1 that is the differents but great games by the way:)

Some units mainly the bazooka trooper need to be less op, Its really hard to earn coins since each mission gives you so little. Doesn’t make it unplayable, but certainly takes away some enjoyment.

The game is kind of good, but it can look alot better. And also, could you make it so the enemy does not absolutely Destroy You by bombarding you with rockets and bazooka troops? It really shows you only want money because every time you lose it says to upgrade your units. Half the time we dont have enough gold to do it. You want us to buy it, not a very great way to set up your game.

Great Game!Only 4 stars because of the price to hire and how little you earn from each mission… But other than that its a fun game!

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