World War II – Control your army forces on the battlefield

[Game] World War II – Eastern Front

World War IIWorld War II : The game begins on September 1, 1939 with the attack on Poland.

Then you will face many exciting missions from various time periods and theatres of military operations: Invasion of France, Maginot Line offensive, Dunkirk, Battle of Britain, Russian 1941 campaign, The Battle of Stalingrad and many more.

You will lead famous Rommel corps and fight in battles for Tobruk (1942) and El Alamein. Or imagine yourself in the role of Manstein or Guderian and take part in the Battle of Moscow, as well as the largest tank battle in history of mankind – The Battle of Kursk (1943). Epic city battles in Battle of Berlin (1945) await you in the end.

Distinctive feature of the game is the direct control of your army forces on the battlefield. You can give orders both to squads or single soldiers.

Second World War: Eastern Front is mobile real-time strategy game (MMO RTS) with many unique features:
Single player campaign which contains dozens of missions and can be played without using Internet
Hundreds of various units, including such legendary models of military equipment as: Tiger I Tank, Panther, T-34, Sherman, KB-1, Puma and many others
Real historical events: Operation Barbarossa, Battle of Moscow, Defense of Leningrad, Normandy landings
Real-time PVP multiplayer with thousands of people across all over the world
System of clans. Create your clan or join others to become the most fearful army on the Earth

Second World Way: Eastern Front is historical real-time strategy in the style of the legendary isometric games of early years of 2000. There are various tactics which you can stick to in game. You can keep tight defense using trenches and anti-tank cannons or crush enemy with focused strike using all your troops.

Attention! Game does not require permanent Internet connection, Internet required only for PVP online battles. Game is in constant development and some missions will be added to game later.

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World War II user reviews :

Initial game is good. I like the tutorial. I wish that it allowed players to begin with other armies though.

This could be a great platform and game. However, it is pay to win, a builder to incentivise spending, and often very stupid in matchups. Just enough growth to put you to sleep and keep you ready to spend. Too bad most good games are designed to destroy your 2allet instead of just being a great game. I would gladly pay $30 for a full phone game, but that’s it. Do not want to build for nothing, get crunched by OP players, and waste my entire life growing levels.

This game is great. Graphics are great, and theconcept of it being an rts game is pretty good too. Missions may be difficult but that’s good. The game is pretty hard to understand at the beginning, but as you play longer you will understand the game even more. There are a few issues like troops not moving when giving orders, but that’s the only issue I’ve found so far. Overall, the game is great and definetely a must try.

Actually Pretty Good Strategy Game. Hats Off To The Developers… (Hopefully They Hook Me Up For The 5 Star Review)

Honestly it can be a lot at first but after a while it becomes fun and enjoyable just give it some time. it can and will be difficult to understand at times but just pay attention to the tutorials and you’ll be fine

Steep learning curve in the game early (pay attention to what you are doing!), but a decent unit-level game that relys too much on building stuff.

just love this game! time well spent!!

minus 1 star because you cant replay missions if you have accomplished all 5 objectives, the mission disappears from your game.

a game that reminds me of actually being involved again

Great game very good strategy game love it

Really good game had me playing for hours

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