World Warfare – Unleash the dogs of war

[Game] World Warfare

World Warfare  Commander, it’s time to lead your troops!

WorldWarfare is a 3D strategy game where you command land, sea and air units in World War II inspired battles. Form your own band of brothers and command dozens of units in real-time PvP combat! Hundreds of simultaneous players will battle for supremacy in huge strategic maps. Unleash the dogs of war and test your mettle on the fields of battle!


Build and expand your base into a formidable stronghold.
Train up to 32 different types of land, air and sea units.
Gain an edge in war by upgrading your infantry, tanks, aircraft carriers, and much more.
Form alliances and join leagues and take on players worldwide.
Strategize attacks, upgrades, defenses, and building priorities. LEAD YOUR TROOPS TO VICTORY!


World Warfare user reviews :

I love the game, but I’m having some problems. Always lagging behind in organizing wars in large numbers. He was a bit disappointing.

Its extremely fun its harder for newer players to get ahead of some of the big guys but not impossible. There is a problem recently with the chat not connecting properly

Game is great and well made, however, the actual gameplay is completely unbalanced by the pay-to-win mechanic. One rich guy can easily defeat a coalition of 5 players, I know this because it just happened to me. The game allows for brilliant alliances and strategy but then tosses that all to the side with its ‘Gems’. When earnt instead of bought these add a nice tactical edge but sadly some players will simply buy you out of the game and ruin the fun. Maybe make a ‘No-Gems’ mode?
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I enjoy the games very much, but the only thing I wished for is for having an offline mode, so if we are at school or sleeping or doing anything else, nothing happens in the game, and if you try to make that work, I think the player should be able to access both an online and offline game

It’s a really nice game! The only problem is the fact that I feel like I have to constantly play it and worry about being attact. Is their anyway you could make a singleplayer mode? Other than that, amazing game!

I absolutely love this game. It’s a lot like RUSE but more immersive. Battles last for days, not just an hour, and I love how it’s an actual wargame (in military terms). I would recomend this game to anyone who loves military strategy games. However, you should consider making a modernized version where players use modern era weapons. That would be my only suggestion.

Great game if you’re in a big league otherwise you will work for days only to be taken out in minutes literally. Have deep pockets or try something else. It’s too bad because otherwise would be a fantastic game.
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very good stuff love it! In terms of strategy it is very deep I suggest you to try it out.

I love everything about this game… From graphics to gameplay it is THE BEST strategy far for mobile in my opinion

Great game but add things like Tank destroyer troops and more ground troops that are actually human. and how about the ability for infantry to be able to build things like trenches, bunkers, etc.

One of the best strategy games I’ve played reminds me of those old rts ww2 games that were made with this same style

I normally dont stay attached to games for to long, yet this game is different. I absolutely love it. Very good game. Easy to learn and play. Love it!

I love this game but what I would love even more is put a single player game so you can play and grow your military without running in to real players.
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