World Zombie Contest – Finger has mind of its own

[Game] World Zombie Contest

World Zombie Contest  1. Merge Zombies.
2. Level-up Zombies.
3. Defeat monsters with Zombies.
4. Repeat from step one if your Zombie gets killed.
Simple, right?

Unique! Fun! Zombie + Clicker Game + Merge!
Finger has mind of its own! 100% Addictive!
Easy! Fun! Simple Clicker control!
Convenient! Fun! Just let it run and the Zombies will merge on their own!
So much contents! Fun! Over 900 Stages, 70 Monsters, and 60 Zombies!
Diverse! Fun! Personality, Invention, Research, Ambush, Dispatch, Showdown, and much more!




World Zombie Contest user reviews :

It’s a very good I love the way it plays I like how you can customize your zombies and also do all types of like mr. Zombies up is a very good game and I think they did a very good job on it and I think it will get better soon thank you for letting me play I really appreciate you guys are good developers and I can’t wait to see what type of game where you make next in a graphics are beautiful as pixelated and everything and I really like that zombies outfit is cool and also thank you making it

This is an entertaining and simple idle game. The end game gets pretty challenging but not impossible. However, this game has been abandoned and ends at a cliff. I’m super disappointed that the game is dead.

Phenomenally great game. I have spent way too much time on this game. 5 star all the way, I’m not sure how this game isn’t at the top. A fantastic time waster too. My only critism is that it does need more frequent updates. Not because there’s anything wrong, but I feel like it needs more content. The price for candies, which you earn in game, and isn’t at all essential, is too expensive for the amount of candies you get. Not a good deal.

Great game up until about level 150. You basically hit a wall and it turns into a HUGE grind. I’m talking playing multiple hours a day and using all the ad bonuses I can, and still not able to beat new floors unless I just so happen to get the right power ups at the right time. I recommend to atleast try it.

One of my favorite mobile games ever. I download and start over every time I get a new phone. Which is every couple of months or so. Cool art. Awesome sfx/music. Fun premise. Zombies AND mindless mashing and smashing. One problem only; THE TUTORIAL CANNOT BE SKIPPED. Really annoying. Almost kills the replay value.

I have had this game i think well over a year now and have made no progress in almost 5 months. why would you make a game that punishes long-time players? i dont understand this at all so 2 stars and i will hope for an update that fixes this. i dont recommend this game for new players right now.

Fun at first, then an insufferable gold grind to level. They need to make the machine spawn up through next highest 5 zombies, increase gold out put by a ton. Late game is seriously not fun

Very fun. Minimal ads. Bought the ad free and it’s awesome.

After the update my progress for years suddenly gone and i cant restored it. and then i decided to start over again, when i try to reinstall it, it is even wont pass the initialization screen

Your update somehow deleted my progess ive made in over a years time and wants me to start from scratch. Not happening, not going through all that again which is ashame. Export says data lost…uninstalled

An interesting blend of idle gaming with a simple battle system.

Absolutely loving the game. My only real issue is, I can’t move it to my SD card. Cheers.

Nice game once you figure out how to lvl up your launch zombies. Then you can progress much faster. Almost have the 8th boss beat now….

Fun and addicting. Lots of upgrades and levels to keep you busy.

The gameplay is simple and addicting. Think active idle game.

Usually when I connect to Wi-Fi, I’d go straight to the internet, but this game is special, and I keep playing it a lot!

Well done game, lot’s of fun and you don’t get bombarded by ad’s.

This is a amazing sim game! Plus none else would’ve came up with this sim game! If i hadnt found this hame i would’ve been bored my entire life.. but still great game!

It’s actually a very good game in the first days you play. Then becomes a grind fiesta with no fun

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