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WorldCraftWorldCraft : Create your world (like in “Creative” mode in Minecraft).

WorldCraft : Explore universes created by others. Random worlds. Build whatever you can dream of. Play with your friends or random people.

– Single-player “Creative mode” and “Survival mode”
– Multi-player “Creative mode”

WorldCraft user reviews :

Cool Good game but could be realistic I’ll give you five star if you do

Pretty good. Its a pretty good game but every time i finish a building it goes to main menu. Considering that its still a fun to play.

Amazing Over all its pretty good but if I made it I would change the lighting, its a bit bright and if your on a phone its kindove hard to acsess but besides all that its just amazing

5 star Grate game! I’ve seen one or two small bugs but other then that it’s grate! Keep updating it guys! Can’t wait for the next update.

Kinda good :/ Please add some more objects like preasure plates and another stuff,im not saying make it minecraft but please and by the way at the middle of the screen put a x so it will be easier for me thanjs you very much x

Good but my brother can’t get it on apple which I am not impressed … Good but my brother can’t get it on apple which I am not impressed about and how is there no ladder in the inventory… It is way too sensitive? Please fix this right away and I will leave a very good review…

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