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[App] Write in Runic – Rune Writer & Keyboard

Write in Runic  With this app you can transliterate text to runes based on a phonetic translation. This app translates the sounds of words, not the meaning.

It is a good source for rune pronunciation and learning about the runic alphabets.

Supports the following major runic families:

Elder Futhark runes (Common Germanic Fuþark)
Swedish-Norwegian Fuþąrk (Rök; Younger Futhark, short twig)
Danish Fuþąrk (Younger Futhark, long branch)
Medieval rune alphabets
The runes that J. R. R. Tolkien invented for Cirth (the rune script from The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings)

Supports Ogham (Old Irish script):
Aicme Beithe / hÚatha / Muine / Ailme
Forfeda (the letters added later)

For premium users:
Anglo-Saxon runes (Anglo-Frisian Fuþorc)
Old Turkic (Göktürk script / Orkhon script / Orkhon-Yenisey)
Old Hungarian runes (rovásírás)
Armanen runes (Armanen Futharkh)
Old Italic
Glagolitic (Old Slavonic Ⰳⰾⰰⰳⱁⰾⰹⱌⰰ “Glagolitsa”, sometimes known as Slavic runes)

Text is transcribed to runes based on a phonetic representation (English, Russian or language agnostic).

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Write in Runic user reviews :

This app is really amazing and an excellent resource for any DM or Writter ir anyone just learning to read runes and in need of Runes and Rune Translation! The rune keyboard is simply perfection! Going premium is totally worth it for the amazing language keyboards this app gives you access too! Highly Recommend this app!

Has been a decent app, I’ve has to reach out and get help from the developer because I paid for premium and it was taken away without notice. It took a while to get it back, but it was eventually resolved.

This app is great. I’ve just had a couple of issues with the latest versions, namely that I can’t find text-to-speech and the keyboard advertisement keeps coming back even though I’ve disabled it (and enabled the keyboard).
  • Black Envelope
  • Hi, thanks for letting me know about this issue! There was a little error in the logic for handling the keyboard ad / helper. It should be fixed in the next update. Let me know if it works for you!

Great rune app. You get several alphabets to utilize as well as more specific descriptions of each rune. So nice that I decided to buy the full version.

This is a cool app! I just started using it. You can convert English letters to runic. In studying the runes, so this is neat.

Is there any way to add runic as a language to a keyboard. As it is now I have to select the runic keyboard in settings (which only gives me a English keyboard along with the runes). But when I need to change to my Swedish language keyboard I need to switch keyboard completely through the “globe” icon. After that I can’t switch back without going back in settings and switch to the runic keyboard.

I am a huge fan of runes, and this keyboard has them all! I lOVE this app. 5/5 stars. Would definitely recommend to a friend, loved one, or other rune fan.

pretty great app, bought keyboard configuration to help with learning the elder futhark but there is no x on the keyboard am i to understand that x is comprised of c and s? like ᚲᛊ?

IDK about all the others but it suits my needs perfectly – in case of the Younger and Medieval Futhark. Very good

Wish most weren’t locked, but great for what’s unlocked! I’m saving the final star for when j can test unlocked things

A great way to learn how to translate and write in runic.

Not too shabby for a rune app, every once in a while it crashes but its whatever. Overall pretty pleased with it

Its quite helpful for getting a quick protection up, until you can go and change and strengthen a protection…. easily useable!

Amazing works and translations are solid!

Pretty good if you want direct Runic translations of words.

Great fun, good learning tool. Must have for Viking fans, Asatru followers..

First time using this app. But, it’s super easy. Unlike other similar apps.

My only hope, for the future, is that we’ll be able to mix and match keybords or make custom keyboards. The Elder Futhark keyboard uses a different Sowilo rune than what’s showed in the app and… It kind of bothers me. Other than that, the app is amazing.

Okay finally after restarting the app several times it took for me to actually have the things that I paid for so if you’re having that issue just closed down the app restart your phone a couple of times and it will work. Otherwise a great app totally worth the money.

I’m not 100% how accurate it is but it seems like it is from what I know, lots of different options from older futhark to younger, Saxon, old Irish and a good amount of others, did a good job with the app I like it

I have to say that i enjoy this app a lot! Im confused why Jera ( ᛃ ) and Kenaz ( ᚲ ) arent the same size as the rest of the font. Also why cant we customize he keyboard? Please fix this! Our ancestors didnt use smaller futhark.

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