X Shooter – It puts human society in danger

[Game] X Shooter

X Shooter  This is a very fun shooting game with a lot of unprecedented gameplays.

The game tells about rapid development of AI is out of control eventually in the near future. Robot soldiers began to attack humans. Various regions fall. It puts human society in danger. You’ll be the superhero fighting against the robot.

Game features:

Form your squad to deal with the war situation by using different characters on the battlefield.
Equipment is set with a lot of different functions. Matching equipment helps you form your own invincible attributes.
Each character has its own attack mode and operation strategy. You can experience different game fun.
Lots of enemies, bosses, tricks and missions bring you various challenges.

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X Shooter user reviews :

I do like the game but I don’t play it anymore because arriving at chapter 7 there’s really not much to do. The chapter is ridiculously hard, can’t really pass 3 rooms. The tower and boss events and etc don’t really add up to meaningful upgrades. Now I haven’t spent money on a hero, but a dollar on vip I think? I’ve watched tons and tons of videos for buffs, rez’s, which is value.. I hope it’s not necessary to spend more money because I don’t play anymore. I had to downgrade to 2 star rating
  • Wow, thank you so much for your feedback, is very important to us, yes, sometimes really need the patience to pass the level , but combine with some strategy, it may make more easier.
Can’t even progress now. Need hero shards to upgrade. How to get shards? By playing tower/spatio. How to clear tower/spatio? By upgrading the hero. Really? Spend money that’s it. Else keep circling around the map to kill 1 enemy for 15min. Obviously there will be a down graph for play time and number of players… One way to go ahead – UNINSTALL
  • We’re sorry to make you feel that way so far, except to playing tower , Hero Shard can also be obtained by Spatio. In addition, please play slowly until HP full before proceeding to the next level. hope it will be helpful to you
Very good game. Levels are well designed each room requires it’s own strategy and skill Carrie’s you much further then grinding. Download it if you like hardcore action games. Hope to see more from the developers
  • thank you so much your feedback on the game, yes, you’re right, and with your encourage, we will keep working hard and make the game better and better.
Game crashed at tutorial. In level 2 i have around 5% accuracy. My character shoot like 100 times and hit enemies maybe 5 times. Ridiculous game. Get different clone like archero or something. This one is broken.
  • Hi, if you have any issue in game, pls email us or Join our official Facebook Group.there will be a staff to help you to solve it. www.facebook.com/groups/512049910161239
Done with this game. You reach a level cap and then can’t proceed further without making purchases.
  • I have checked it. I have replied your email. I’m really sorry. In order to express our apology, we have compensated many props for you. Please check the email
One of the best shooters on the market with tons to do and its own style on the “Archero”/stop to shoot genres. I liked it too much because after a few weeks playing and my characters hit lvl 85, all the money and XP I accumulated was useless/gone. No more progress other than for gear basically. I stopped playing last night once that happened and there’s not much reason to go back, unless it’s early access. But if you pace yourself it’s an amazing game. Still worth playing until u hit lvl cap
  • Thank you so much your feedback on game, so far the hero’s highest lvl is 85, but we will update sooner, so pls stick with us.
Pretty fun keeps me entertained when I’m bored theres alot of games similar to this one but it has its unique qualities
  • Thank you very much for your comment on the game, and we so happy to hear that you like and enjoy it.
It’s fine, interesting take on the shooter concept, but kinda buggy where my hero sometimes stops shooting after an enemy dies, other times he immediately switches to a new target. Annoying hard enemies like those spike rollers, basically instant death when 4 of them are on the screen. Fun for a day or two.
  • Thank you for your feedback on the game, hero will auto shooting, so if the enemy dies he/she will stop it. and sometimes the boss is very tough, but with mor challenges is more interesting. hope you can enjoy it.

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