X Survive – Ccrafting and building mechanic waiting for you

[Game] X Survive – Open World Building Sandbox

X Survive

  Open world sandbox that features the utmost fun of crafting and building mechanic waiting for you!

Jump straight in the world where you can build a house with amazing view, use Sci-Fi tools and drive vehicles. Unleash your inner creative power!

Weather and time system bring a new level of hectic fun. Whether you fight like a lone wolf against wildness in survivor mode or just building base in creative mode, there are always surprises waiting to be explored!

Open world sandbox
Futuristic blocks to build a house
Realistic physics
Fun driving
Simple building mechanic
Creative freedom
Even more …

500+ blocks to craft and build a house. Sci-Fi equipment will help to mine, fight and even dig. Vast landscape can be changed in many various ways, you will make a real impact.

X Survive is unique open world sandbox experience where you decide what adventure you want to take. Explore open world and build everything from the simple house to the grandest of castles or futuristic base. Find materials and produce weapons to fend off dangerous mobs as well as parts to build a house. Create, explore and survive!

Come embark on a creative challenge today and show them what you could build! Post your design through the camera mode with hashtag #xsurvive and let your friends see how awesome you are!

X Survive user reviews :

This is actually a great game. Add a few defences and invasion atks where monsters can try to attack your buildings would be more than a perfect game for me. You can even build a deep underground base, something that I have done personally which at first I thought it wasn’t possible.

A nice survival game. The graphics is so cool. I even stan for the jet pack too. But I’m only interested with the creative mode where you can build your own home with unlimited resources. I just wished that I can also spawn other characters in the world at the same time, just like in other building apps. If granted, I believe more players will love the x survive, for the extras on creative mode.

A beautifully made game, and the degree of difficulty is reasonable enough to keep the gameplay interesting and fun. However, it kindda feels depressingly lonely with absolutely no one else around you. :’D So it would be just perfect if we could invite our friends/other players to our servers (in all the 3 modes; survive; creation; hard core), and have a way of communicating with them throughout. Also, would be awesome if you let us customize our avatars (with enough free customization options).

Great game but I have a problem with the saving option. I finished alot of work that took hours and then saved it when I finished it. And when I came back it’s gone. I put alot of work into it. And then gone even though I saved it already. Wasted time.

I love this game a lot. This game has no Glitches and bugs. But i cannot understand that how to collect SO. If we go in water then then it starts swimming. Or if we dig it still does not works. This is the mixture of Minecraft and sci-fi game. But it is very hard to find the elements of the digging machine. Please tell how to collect soil please.

Its a good game but my issue is that the car is so hard to control plus I played this game for two days now but when the other day comes it start all over from.tge top again.I have to build blocks again,build the house that i’ve already been build..so please help me with that and fix the issue..

I feel like I agree with most of the other reviews that survival is awful, creative is fun but it would be a lot better if there were an online version where people could visit or at least be able to invite friends which would also mean them downloading the game.

It’s a fun game I like it usually games like this involve killing zombies while making your base. The only changes I think would make the game much better that I can think of off the top of my head as far decorating your your base of operations make it easier or easier or your you know everybody calls it something different. And while I’m digging if you need if there was hidden caverns and you know maybe secret rooms not just little bits of stuff in the ground you know like tunnels that lead to?

It’s Pretty much one of the best Survival games I’ve played so far. It’s Cool, but the The only issue is the fact that most of the equipments You craft are useless cause you can’t use them, You get really Lonely at Times cause you’re the only human on the Planet, Make it possible to sit on chairs, use the screen desks, and if possible all the Equipments in the Game. And also Add some Human NPCs that’ll survive along with you, or Better Make it an Online Multiplayer. Other than that? AWESOMENESS.

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