Yalghaar – Take down miscreants in front-line battlefield

[Game] Yalghaar – FPS Gun Shooter

Yalghaar  The fate of future generations depends on this top military commando operation.

Get a chance to rescue hostages, neutralize terrorist attacks, diffuse bombs and mines, eliminate enemy suicide bombers and snipers in modern combat.

Take down terrorists in front-line battlefield with powerful guns in this FPS shooting game. Yalghaar movie official game.

Equip yourself with state of the art military weapons and lead your army to glory in this army adventure shooting game. Chase enemy boss and show them the way to hell in this action packed best FPS shooter game full of thrill. Combat against militants and terrorists groups in amazing graphic

State of art powerful modern combat weapons to choose from including machine guns, sub machine guns, shotguns, sniper and pistols.
Tactical military adventure maps set in a realistic environment.
Earn medals and upgrade your guns.
Variety of threats to counter including stealth, gunners, snipers and suicide bombers.
Compete against the Leader board and make it to the top among other high caliber players.

In this army FPS game, you are an elite commando and when duty calls, you stand second to none in eliminating terrorist in combat. War against terror is in full swing and your company of heroes needs you in this Battlefield. Lead your squad in this realistic 3D FPS shooter. Shoot em up!

You are a master of stealth, kill enemies and counter terrorism in this offline adventure shooting game. There are no rules in this battlefield. Risk your life in this fast paced army FPS gun shooting game, fight for domination! You are a ruthless terrorist hunter. Strike your blow in this one of a kind Pakistan’s first modern warfare FPS shooter game.

In this war on terror, live the life of an SSG Commando equipped with Grenades and Sniper Rifles, You are on a secret mission behind enemy front-line.

Yalghaar user reviews :

All things are awesome,but the screen is too sliding .You should improved it right now otherwise I will cut one star from 4 stars,as I m thinking to give 5 stars. improved the controls.

This is a very good game. The developers should add a little more variety to the guns and they should add more missions but other than that great game. You should definitely play it.

First off, adds, second off, you should be able to customize your weapons at least a little bit. Maybe a camo or two, and silencers. Third off, this game greatly needs a crouch button. Like hiding behind boxes, and cover in general so I don’t waste my health. Fourth, I am strongly disappointed because when I have bought the DSBR, it was a re-skin of the Ak47-sniper. Otherwise, great job.

The game looking so nice, action, graphics, control, movement, speed so nice but the game also are no good becuase something wrong i think that this game under the weapons are good but buying option are gold with buying real money payment system. According to the game battleground thame similar another level i through some feasters, model,weapons &battleground thame change but the game company can it. Otherwise the game are no match

This is a good game like glorious resolve . Graphics covering terrorist areas very well. It’s not easy to control sensitivity and flow of this game but after few minutes I got full control. Very well giving five stars. Pakistan Zindabaad Pak Army Paindabaad

Hey it’s good game but u really need to update it. 1.increasing length of the mission and maps. 2.when u fire the gun the enemies should here it and be alert. 3.collecting ammo from enemies. 4.increase more guns.Thats all for now, I don’t care if it is 1 or 2 GB,all I want is u to update that.i will appreciate when u update the game

Excellent game the enemies are actually smart and difficult difficult game but fun you have to watch a lot of ads to get the best weapons but worth it when you get them and there’s a lot of levels and weapons to choose from great game.

One of the best action games ever played. Type of Missions, gameplay and graphics are top notch. We can take charge of the soldier and destroy terrorist organisations. Hope the developer brings more chapters in the game.

Graphics, controls and even challenges are good .. wonderfully made !! Enjoying !! I am done with all missions .. and looking forward for new challenges.

Addictive gamer This game is very good in graphics with excellent control

Nice game awesome graphics but I still waiting for new missions

Amazing game…it’s like just I.G.I mobile version..

Last Update :

Get Free Rewards (Medals, Coins, Weapons, Armor, Grenade and Many More!)
Target API level 30 (Android 11) Support.

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