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Yuzu BrowserYuzu Browser is a multifunctional, powerful and freely customizable browser.
Let’s make a comfortable browser of your choice.

You can place buttons and tool bars freely.
Multiple functions can be assigned to one button.

This browser has *not* ads, and it’s free.

Translation volunteer is welcome. Please login and help to translate.

New Theme Pack
The new theme pack whose extension is “.yuzutheme” can be easily imported and used.
Just download the theme pack and tap it to import!
Please refer to the project page when creating.

Classic Theme
In addition to the default settings, you can make it yourself.
Also, you can use the theme of mikan browser as it is.
Put theme to(internal strage): /sdcard/YuzuBrowser/theme/**your_theme_name**/


permission.INTERNET: Needed to access the internet for browsing
permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed for downloading files and backing up data
permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed for downloading files and restoring data
permission.ACCESS_LOCATION:Needed for sites that want your location (you can deny location access)
permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Needed for sites that want your location (you can deny location access)
permission.WAKE_LOCK: Needed for playing video
permission.INSTALL_SHORTCUT: Needed for [add to home screen] action
permission.CAMERA:Needed to support WebRTC (you can deny camera access)
permission.RECORD_AUDIO: Needed to support WebRTC (you can deny record audio)
permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS: Needed to support WebRTC

This application is an open source application.

Source code on github: github.com/hazuki0x0/YuzuBrowser

Yuzu Browser user reviews :

Love this browser, but i wish that it had the option to shift the bookmarks up or down by just holding a finger on the bookmarks and shift it rather than tapping the bookmark and shift it up or down from the pop-up menu, one step at a time, that is very tedious and time consuming.

Fast, customizable, full size tabs bar, tab and address bar on the bottom, resizable tabs and address bar, user scripts, open source and ad block. Finally, a worthy competitor and sucessor to Naked Browser. By far the best browser on the Play Store, other devs need to learn how to make a browser.

Great browser with a lot of customization. Yuzu is similar to the great classic Habit browser, but with a more simple, familiar, and easier-to-use UI. I would love for Yuzu to keep adding to its features and have as many options as possible (like the ability to mass-export bookmark links and save them), and I’m sure Yuzu is getting there. All-around one of the best free browsers I’ve tried so far, and I’ve tried many! So far so good! Keep it up (and keep on improving) Yuzu!

This browser is just good. Use it, you won’t regret it. First, setting menu look bit confusing because there are so many options but after a while you’ll realise everything is ordered by categories and easy to use. Rendering settings from page settings menu is where you change to night mode and etc. Took me a while to find it.

everything is perfect, except the downloader, when download is paused and resumed again it starts downloading from zero percent. no other complaints, please developers improve the downloader!

I love the fact that this browser has amazing customizability but it renders pages slow compared to the competition. maybe it’s due to the not so efficient Adblocker? Also the Invert night mode needs work… it inverts the images to a negative… also flashes of white in between pages in night mode ….I hope the developers look into this… thank you

MY SUGGEST FOR DEVELOPER > i already know this app is huge to compile but anyway all the settings and options and menus should be in a United list because it’s so confusing and slow to work with , you should make a long drop down and categorized list !!! And also it needs to break more limits of customizing , needs more graphical works such as gradiant and transparency and using more aero modernish style for all parts

Compared to other browsers, yuzu is a real find created by a professional. Firstly, a simple and at the same time very functional interface with almost all settings (especially SpeedDial). You can customize the search engine, gestures! and easy to work with bookmarks. Secondly, the browser is very well scripted, it works quickly and without failures, and it also has open source code. and yes, it is quite economical in traffic. I highly recommend this browser to use, and big thanks to developer!

Last Update :

Fix JavaScript-based functions (e.g. UserScript, Ad block) when fast back is enabled
Fix a bug that invert gray scale is not working
Fix some crash bugs

Contact developer :


Download Yuzu Browser from Play Store

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