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[Game] Zen Sweeper (Minesweeper)

Zen Sweeper

 Zen Sweeper: Arrange the stones with Feng Shui

The rules of the game resemble Minesweeper in Zen style.

Your task is to open all empty cells and put the stones to the cells with Yin-Yang symbol (You should put a stone before open the cell). However, unlike Minesweeper, the game does not end on the first mistake, but you will get penalty. Wrongly placed stones can’t be removed, you also will get penalty for them.
The number of dots indicates how many Yin-Yang places on neighboring cells.
Lotus safely can be placed on any closed cell and opens all cells around, automatically placing stones.
Also Lotus can be used to fix mistakes. Unused Lotuses added to final score.Features:
 Minesweeper based game in Zen Stone Garden
Hexagonal cells
Huge game field up to 120×100 cells
Perimeter is already opened, so you will not get stuck in the corners
Meditative gameplay
Mistake is not the end, the win is not the goal
Relaxing sounds and animations
Zoom and smooth scrolling

Zen Sweeper user reviews :

Great idea, but I feel like there should be more.

Controls could be improved, and at the highest difficulty you always end up in situations without a clear solution, relying purely on luck. Since there is no counter of how many stones are left to be placed, it makes it even harder (not possible to calculate probabilities when a few cells are left, possibly isolated). The hex map might look like a good idea, but it just reduces the possible patterns. There is no intellectual challenge, it’s just “click on the obvious spot or toss a coin”.

I really like this game. I enjoy the relaxed play of this version of minesweeper. I’d give it 5 stars if there was a way to play more like the original as well to add more challenge and a way to go back and play previous games to improve scores.

I havent played Minesweeper so a review of those rules n concepts wud help to play ur game. Disappointing omission which prevents further play.

Chill minesweeper. Can definitely end up in no win situations though

Game lags then jumps which causes misplaced stones.

pleasant to play although still don’t know how the yin.yang work in scoring

very calming but still challenging.

Good take on minesweeper.

Great game, I love the fact that it’s not game over if you make a mistake, easy controls would like better highlighting of active tool.

Nice game, but UI could be better. At the very least it needs a better indication of currently selected tool.

Love this game, very easy to relax to, except when I start mentally playing the people I’m talking to! lol

Love this game. Very addictive. I wish I could get it on my Kindle Fire. Please put it in Amazon Apps.

Just perfect for relaxing

Nice way to bring a classic to a modern world

I really like thi game! If you really like minesweeper there are only two things you might not like about this game. 1. It’s hexagonal instead of square. 2. I don’t know if you can lose, except maybe on purpose :) To UCDEVS, you need to add high scores for each of the 4 game sizes.

I like the hex grid and mistake scoring instead of game over. 3 wishes: Long/Short tap for Stones/Rake. Option to start new game at will. Option to choose grid size. Would be worth paying for!

Great game. Just a few usability things to sort out to get a 5. Need an option to start a new game before finishing current. Also need a more obvious way to pick size and difficulty.

This game is both diverting and calming at the same time. After you’ve played a game you are left with the feeling (as the country singer once said) of time well wasted.

Just like minesweeper! But prettier. Took a couple tries to figure it out, but I think I have it now. A lot of fun and pretty design. Love the sounds. I like the options to zoom in and view the grid.

This app is very ready to use and a much better challenge than minesweeper. Doesn’t zap my battery, isn’t annoying with notifications, wonderful game to kill spots of time

Updates have improved play and I like that you’ve added a level that’s more challenging.

The design and idea are really lovely! It’s a minesweeper I can enjoy for once! It’s really pretty!

Very relaxing, love the fact that you don’t get thrown out of the game for making a mistake.

Peaceful minesweep Only needs soothing melody soft in background

Great game. Unique. Just a different kind of game. Just give it a try.

Pretty good I like this new take on minesweeper, the sounds and look of it all are really nice, and I haven’t had any bugs. It needs a way to clear spaces after you’ve tagged all the mines, like when there’s a 2 showing and you’ve tagged both mines correctly, to clear the other spaces surrounding that number 2 instead of having to clear them all one by one (most apps let you double tap the number 2 to do this). I also don’t know how to start a new game or restart my current game, it doesn’t appear to be possible.
  • ucdevs
  • Good idea, thank You. To exit current game, just tap Back key, then you can start new one, restart not implemented.

This is my newest addiction but the zoom buttons are way too small. When it even recognizes I’ve tapped in that corner it is a toss up if it will zoom the way I want, zoom the other way, or open settings. Otherwise I love this game!

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