Zenonzard – Your ACI will support you in battle and grow alongside you

[Game] Zenonzard

Zenonzard  ACI – Trust it. Defeat it.

Witness the birth of the next generation of digital card games!

About Zenonzard
Zenonzard is a brand new type of digital card game, equipped with a specialized card game AI developed by the HEROZ Inc. AI “HEROZ Kishin” using a variety of machine learning techniques. Along with the CPU and PvP battles players expect in digital card games, Zenonzard brings new elements to the genre, such as AI cultivation and the idea of fighting against, as well as alongside, AI.

Game Description
Authentic Digital Card Game
Zenonzard perfectly encapsulates the card game experience, right down to the battle of wits the genre is known for! The game features over five hundred* beautifully illustrated cards and a battle system with three special components: Forces, a Flash Phase, and a mana movement system.
*At the time of release.

A Colorful Cast of Buddy ACI
Choose one of sixteen unique ACI to aid you in your struggle against the Zenon. Your ACI (Artificial Card Intelligence) will support you in battle and grow alongside you. Their personality will change depending on your level and playstyle. As you grow closer, you will also unlock stories that will teach you more about them.

Buddy ACI Support
Not sure what your next move should be? Your Buddy ACI will offer you advice based on the current situation in-game. They’ll even offer you advice when building a deck, picking out the best possible combination. Even newcomers to the genre will feel right at home with their ACI by their side.

Battle Analysis
Your ACI will provide a detailed battle analysis after each match. There you can view a graph depicting the highs and lows of the battle, as well as Backtrack to the turning point of the match and test out a different approach. Use these features to hone your battle skills and create an effective strategy.

Diverse Battle System
Rank Match
Battle your opponent’s Buddy ACI while they battle yours in a Cross Battle. Collect Element to raise your Rank and aim for the top of the Zenon. Seasonal Rankings also available!

Friend Match
Become friends with other players and battle whenever you want! You can either play your friend’s ACI in a Cross Battle, or you can battle each other in a Player Battle.

Quest Mode
Complete twenty different stages! Win your battle at each stage to proceed to the next, and collect great rewards!

Battle Specialized Card Game AI Every Day
Every day, one of six Official AIs will be available for battle. Use the skills you’ve acquired through your Rank Matches and Friend Matches to defeat these specialized card game AI.

In addition, every season you may earn yourself the opportunity to battle an opponent even stronger than the Official AI: Strio Zanakron, the Ultimate AI.

In the not too distant future, AI has evolved considerably, and now has a large influence on the world around it. Beholder Group, the corporation in charge of researching and developing these AI, has brought together ACI from all over the world to compete for the top place in a tournament called the Zenon. What do you need to reach the top? Play Zenonzard.

App Information
Title: Zenonzard: Artificial Card Intelligence
Genre: AI x Digital Card Game
Price: Free (In-App Purchase)

Please confirm the following before playing.
Recommended Android Version: Android OS 9.0 or above.
Devices with 8.0 or above are able to play the game; however, we are unable to provide customer support for users of devices below 9.0.
Even under optimal circumstances, the game may not operate as intended depending on the user’s specific device and usage.

Zenonzard Official Website

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Zenonzard user reviews :

Its a pretty interesting card game with some unique aspects to the system. Having fun so far but im just curious as to why a single cosmetic unlock is locked behind about ~$320 worth of micro tranactions? Sure its not the main focus of the game and you will get a lot of milage out of that kind of purchase though card packs but that is a bit much for a skin change. Also as I understand you may not be able to choose who it’s for, this part is not confirmed.

By far the most enioyable card game on mobile, hands down. There are just a few gripes though, the gameplay itself can become quite confusing at times, and some plays people make are just mind blowing. Other than that, Memory leaks which cause intense freezes and large drops in frames really make it difficult to get by. As well as power consumption is heavy, so my device Overheats easily. This is the first game, to have that happen. Duel links doesn’t overheat my phone Honkai impact either.

Last Update :

New with the Ver 5.2.0 Update
Battle Modes
Concord Match added
Ranking Season: 10 added

New Game Mats, Sleeves, and Titles
New Login Bonuses and Missions
Bug fixes

Contact developer :


Video :

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