Zone Launcher – Fast and fluid launcher that can work as a sidebar

[App] Zone Launcher – One Swipe Edge Launcher and Drawer

Zone Launcher  A smart hidden launcher and sidebar that works on top of ANY app. This app will not replace your current home screen launcher. It works as a hidden side loaded launcher.


Fast and fluid launcher that can work as a sidebar, apps drawer or an edge launcher.
A single swipe launcher for any installed app or shortcut.
Arrange shortcuts into easy to reach Zones (Categories).
Add apps, shortcuts or action buttons.
Freely resize displayed windows into pop-up window, sidebar, full screen.
Customizable trigger areas.
Customize every single aspect of the app from colors, backgrounds & icons.
Easy to learn and use.
Small memory usage.

Zone Launcher user reviews :

Really good potential. I like the interaction and how easy it is to categorise the apps into folders (zones). It has good options for personalising the view. The problem for me is that after adding a few zones it stopped me being able to sort them. If I move one the order seems to change randomly. This only became apparent after I paid for the full version. I have emailed the developer, but have not heard back yet. If this is fixed I think it could be a really useful app.

Feature Request – Please provide a feature in which when one simply swipes down on the trigger area without moving the cursor towards certain areas, it automatically activates certain shortcuts or apps. At times, I just want to immediately bring down the notification shade or quick settings with less effort. A simple blind swipe down would do the trick. Thanks.

Wow, I found this app makes navigating apps on my phone so much more easier. No need to go back to home screen or search apps in the app draw. Its just a swipe away and quite snappy. I was so impressed that I made a video recording of my screen and have been sharing it with friends and family to show them the benefits of the app.

There are few bugs in this app Whenever I change icon pack phone gets struck And whenever I forcestops this app in settings complete phone gets struked. After the recent update my phone is getting struck for every 2 to 3 I’ve to restart again and again. Please fix these bugs. I love this app really that’s why I purchased full version of this app

There is a problem with the app : half the time, when trying to launch any APP via zone launcher, the APP doesn’t launch right away. There is a message appearing at the bottom of screen “[this APP] is launching”, waiting up to 2sec before actually launching the APP you want. This is annoying, but maybe unavoidable (see dev response, but I’m not sure what the dev is saying) However it goes against the spirit of the app to navigate the phone quickly, with this almost systematic delay.
  • It’s not a bug. It’s system obligation after you press home button

The most useful utility on my phone, by far. This app has changed how I use my phone because I can now jump from any app to any other app without going to the home screen or opening the app switcher. Fantastic application, I’d buy it twice if I could.

Would be very useful to have quick swipe gesture(quick swipe for back button for example) without it needing to open the drawer. The resized drawer could be smaller in 10 inch tablet, and locating it based on where the gesture started. Different amount of columns for specific zones, and the ability to open apps in free-form mode by default.

The idea and functionality of the app feels really promising. It’s very easy to use too. The only major issue I found is that, it uses a pretty huge amount of resources by time. I found this after a few days of installing, when my phone started to lag and stutter. When I checked, I found that it’s using 400 MB+ RAM, like a high graphics game, which is really a bad optimisation. I’m expecting an improvement over this RAM leaking.

Great app launcher. One of the best I have tried. Update 11/24–Apps on zone page disappears occasionally. Zone page has too much space wasted, resulting in unnecessarily big popup window. With these corrected, it will be a great app.

Excellent, thank you very much for authoring this application in a very convenient way for users, there is a one problem please, and I am confident that you will fix it : when choosing screenshot from the list that I arranged to capture picture or something like this, the result will be a picture plus the status bar although the screen that I captured was not has that status bar. I hope from you to fix this problem. THANK YOU VERY MUCH…

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