Zooba – A fun twist on traditional battle royale

[Game] Zooba – Free-For-All Battle

ZoobaZooba : Who will be the king of the zoo?

Zooba is a unique battle royale game! Multiplayer/PvP; Free to play; Awesome shooting & fighting action! Choose your animal, join us on this adventure and battle against your opponents in the best free battle royale game!

Zooba is a fun twist on traditional battle royale. Get the best from MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and Battle Royale in a brawl to be the star of the zoo! Shoot down your enemies and defeat them!


Choose from 10+ characters: from the angry gorilla to the sneaky chameleon
Fight in a 20-player arena in battle royale style
Collect multiple guns on the battleground to get stronger and shoot your opponents
Avoid getting caught by the guards or by the fire in the arena
Win prizes, equipe your items and upgrade your heroes to become a star
Play with your friends in funny multiplayer modes
Join a clan and meet other awesome players in-game
Buy the battle pass to have access to exclusive content and daily prizes
Play for free!

Are you up for the challenge? Only the best will win this fight and become the king of the zoo! Join this brawl, hunt down your opponents and become a star!

Remember: Zooba is a unique battle royale game! Multiplayer/PvP; Free to play; Awesome shooting & fighting action! Choose your animal, join us on this fun adventure and battle against your opponents in the best free battle royale game!

Zooba user reviews :

I LOVE THIS GAME! I play it with my kids (5 boys) and we all have so much fun! Just a few small things I would improve; 1) make it easier to make friends. I’ve played with random people in a match and would have liked to add them as a friend or to our clan. 2) Matches should give you way more coins, especially if you win. 3) Daily missions. Either there should be more missions or they should reset every 12 hrs instead of 24hrs. They are too easily finished as soon as they reset. That’s it!

The game is so fun and adictive . But i have a problem , when i want ro start a game it say’s “Error something went wrong please try again” i tryed but everytime it say’s that Please repair it ! repair and i give 5 stars Please!

I only give it a 1 be cause I’ve only got to play now more than 2 battle at a time before the game freezes and tells me that I have no network connection and forces me to uninstall and reinstall it losing all my previous battle info!!!!!!!!! Other than that it is a a fun game
  • Wildlife Studios
  • Hey Baggie! We’re sorry to hear about this! Please make sure you that sync your account to Facebook so you can keep your account tracked. Please also make sure to download the latest of the game as you should see a more stable performance now, but also keep in mind things like memory capacity can impact performance as well.
can u olease remove the enemy with 5 level ahead. coz every time i win many times, the next round becomes difficult. i mean its not fair to have that enemy with more higher level than u. it should be almost same lvl thank u.. hope it will fix soon. and i just want to ask if u could make the dash skill of nix like before in 2.5 sec cooldown speed.. coz thats what its original cooldown should be right..? not like the other animals, their cd speed did not change while nix changes..
  • Wildlife Studios
  • Hey Jake, thanks for the feedback! We are constantly working to make matchmaking fair for everyone, though sometimes you may be placed into a game with some stronger opponents so you’re not waiting around to get back into the zoo ^_^ As this system is refined and more players join you should see yourself facing similarly ranked players.
I really enjoy this game! Though there’s always room for improvement I like where its heading. Hope to see future content!
  • Wildlife Studios
  • Hey Andrew, thanks for your review! If you have any suggestions for Zooba, please feel free to contact us via the Support button in your in-game Settings. Your feedback is important to us

I LOVE THIS GAME it is the best there are so many wepons there basically no pop up adds witch I find is the best part because a lot of other games have like a pop up adds every ten or five seconds If you like to play small games battle and open up crates and upgrade your character this is perfect for you I give this game 5 stars and a hole lot of thumbs up

Very addictive and fun battle royale game..I only rate apps if its worth rating,so i give 4 star for the gameplay,characters and clean design and 1 star to add squad mode as soon as possible i cant wait to play with my friends Very good game !! Please add more weapons

Latest Update :

Hey Zoobsters!

Guess which skin is finally joining the Zoo! We’ll give you a hint; he’ll be rolling over the competition with this new gear!

Let’s learn more!

New Skin
Roller Skate Milo

Device Icon Change
Nix Icon is back!

And more!

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Video :

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