Zumba Classic 2 – Create match three marbles

[Game] Zumba Classic 2

Zumba Classic 2  Zumba Classic Pro is a type of Marble shooter games, where you have to marble shoot rows of colorful marble lines to eliminate them.

The Zumba Classic Pro the balls or marbles will come in the Marble and you have to aim your marble shooter carefully to create match three marbles of the same colors.

Game Features:

Many secret maps to make the marble shooting game more addictive.
6+ magic props: Back, Pause, Magic, Lighting, Bomb, Colorful.
Marble classic more, adventure mode and challenge mode.
Easy to learn but difficult to master the game.

How to play:
1. Touch the screen where you want to shoot.
2. Match 3 or more same marbles to eliminate them. Destroy all the marble lines in the chain before it hits the end.
3. Marble shooting more combos and marble shooter chains to get the highest score, try to get three stars in each level in marble games!

We believe that any bravest fans of marbles legend can succeed in this game

Now you can explore the amazing deluxe game on your lovely device.

Thanks every game players! Any suggestion is welcome!

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Zumba Classic 2 user reviews :

This game has far too many bugs. I’ve played level 200-220 and every single level is glitching out.

This games is very challenging but it’s very hard to play, I don’t no how to play, how to defeat.

I have managed to finish all the 850 levels its been a pleasure the graphics are great but it stacks alot

Challenging levels, keeps your interest. I recommend this game

Nice graphics. I’m enjoying the game so far….

Have to tap very hard to shoot the balls

Nice Game. Reminds of the old ancient Zuma..

I love it cuz it keeps u focused & how fast u can manuver it the obsticals.

Great game , good times to be had that play this superb Zumba game

Up to know I’m on level 5 I did not yet find anny problem

I am on level 414. Some glitch in the level. Balls stop coming after a time. And stopped at one place. Please look into the issue.

Too many bugs. Sometimes I couldn’t pass the level because the marble hit the monster didn’t kill it, or the marble didn’t shoot to the direction I pointed, or the bomb didn’t explode or whatever it is. Funny thing is I passed one level because the boss just died itself suddenly. One thing to note, blocking all ways to shoot makes it difficult to pass but doesn’t make it a fun and challenging game. The ads crashed many times I had to restart the game. Didn’t expect that from a mini game.

Fun, challenging, Betty addicting!

U don’t like me to win this level 90? I’ve already completed the level but u immediately stopped the game..wait for minutes & start agàin the level?? & f i played the video to continue & finish the level it don’t happen..it upset the player..

Pretty fun. Only problem I really have is that you can’t see the whole screen. I have it on my Samsung tablet and on my Amazon Fire tablet & both have the same problem. I haven’t tried it on my phone yet, but if the status bar & boosters are fully visible then I will know it is only designed for phones. Update: I loaded it on my phone and I can see both the status bar and the boosters. I would give it five stars if I could see these on my tablets. I hate using phone for games!!!!!!!!
  • Group Studios
  • Thanks for your feedback! We deeply respect your advice, and we will try to combine your feedback with our, in order to provide better products.

The game is fun, however, they have WAAAYYYY to many ads. I play many free games and this one has way more ads than any other game I’ve played. There’s ads after every single round, it’s very annoying. Would be 5 stars otherwise.

Some levels are very difficult & hard to complete that i don’t like to quit ’cause it challenge me to finish the game..

A simple game made very convoluted. It is like a bunch of guys just randomly thrown in all their ideas without restraint. The graphics reflects this with its ugly incoherent mash. This game needs to be refined to a more cohesive vision.

Exciting version of Zuma. Right away I noticed better graphics than usual. In addition, there were added obstacles and big bosses, making this game different and fun. All the expected gameplay and more.

3 so far because I have not gotten very far in it. I have not played much mostly because, when I turn off music and sound effects, some sounds still come through. Very annoying when I am needing to listen to other things.
  • Group Studios
  • Thank you for your support, we will fix this issue soon.

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