Zumba Classic – Create a magic balst to pop marbles

[Game] Zumba Classic – Ball Blast

Zumba Classic  Marble Shooter- is a marble quest bubble pop games based on the classic marble shoot game that came out over a decade ago.

Just like in the original, Your goal is to destroy all the balls around you by matching three of more of the same color.


Match 3 marble or more of the same color and create a magic balst to pop marbles!
Good art,good music,good animation effects.
Many elements make game more fun like chain、question ball、 color ball etc.
Cool powerfull items like fireball、wind、Meteorite fall、lingting,
3000+ different fun levels,more leves will coming soon.
When encountering a difficult level, you can choose to skip this level
No Wi-Fi connection required, but you unlock the full game features when connected to the Internet.
Finish all levels with 3 stars with marble blast.

How To Play Marble Shooter Games:
1.Tap screen where you want to shoot marbles.
2.match 3 or more same color marbles to make blast.
3.Swap the shooting ball by touching the emitter.

If you like shoot game,you should try this.
Download Marble Shooter Games – Bubble Pop Now!!!
Start enjoy this Marble Ball Blast Quest journey!!!

You have to try

Zumba Classic user reviews :

Functions explained well. Easier than some of the others which I like. You can win coins for free by watching ads. So far I really like it!

when shooting a select color (blue) once it land it’s not the color you shot and is a complete different color (red) forcing you to make mistakes that can cause you to end that round you’re on.
  • Free Puzzle Fun Game
  • Thanks for your feedback! If you like our game, please give us five stars. Best wish!

Love the sound it makes when U zap the balls. App messed up a few times. I like it that U can pay coins to skip a level.

Would have been FIVE stars, except the shade of orange and red is too close to tell apart. I will probably delete game if it comes up too often
  • Free Puzzle Fun Game
  • Thanks for your feedback! If you like our game, please give us five stars. Best wish!

You do have ads too often for sure which makes the pleasure of the game less but it’s a fun game never the less.

ALL coins in the are Free!! Fast somewhat challenging game, a good way to pass the time.

Not many ads,free game play, difficult but not too much. Good game.

Why is everything written in a foreign language? It was in english until i updated it. Can you change this please? Otherwise I love the game but would like to understand whats being written, also…too many pop up ads. Thanks in advance
  • Free Puzzle Fun Game
  • Thank you for your feedback, we have resolved the language problem, please update to version 21.0527.00 or higher.

I expect ads when playing a free game, but I don’t think it’s needed quite this much. New pop-up ads cover the option to buy or watch video in order to continue level play making some levels impossible to finish.

Good game but the only thing that makes me uninstall it you use very similar colors
  • Free Puzzle Fun Game
  • Thanks for your feedback! Your comments and suggestions have been fed back to the relevant departments. Best wish!

Nice and addictive. But too many advertisements

I really like the game but there is too many ads, and I played to have the ads removed but I am still getting them after every game I play. And for some reason everything is write in chinas
  • Free Puzzle Fun Game
  • Thanks for your feedback! If you have a language problem with your game, please update with version 21.0527.00 Best wish!

Love how colorful it’s. Fun yet challenging..

The closest to Zuma I have found. Just wish there was a pause button.
  • Free Puzzle Fun Game
  • Thanks for your feedback! We take your comments and suggestions very seriously and will include a pause button in a later release If you like our game, please give us five stars. Best wish!

Well thought out marble shooter. Vivid graphics and smooth gameplay.

Fun and easy to play and family entertainment!! It’s exceedingly fun to play!

Overall, fun , a little fast paced, always enjoyed zumba games

Love this game. At least i dont have to buy the piggy bank when it get full. Thank you

I’m use to playing better ball & tougher games. This would only be good for a “very young” kid.
  • Free Puzzle Fun Game
  • Thanks for your feedback! As the number of levels increases, so does the difficulty of the game If you like our game, please give us five stars. Best wish!

I’m so addicted to this game, it’s soothing, but yet intensive.

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