Zumba Revenge – Will you manage to destroy the chain

[Game] Zumba Revenge

Zumba Revenge  Zumba Revenge is a type of Marble shooter games, where you have to marble shoot rows of colorful marble lines to eliminate them.

The Zumba Revenge the balls or marbles will come in the Marble and you have to aim your marble shooter carefully to create match three marbles of the same colors.

Game Features:

Many secret maps to make the marble shooting game more addictive.
6+ magic props: Back, Pause, Magic, Lighting, Bomb, Colorful.
Marble classic more, adventure mode and challenge mode.
This marble games is a free, action zumba puzzle game play
Boss levels: will you manage to destroy the chain if the path is invisible?
No Wi-Fi connection required, but you can unlock the full game features when connected to the internet Easy to learn but difficult to master the game.

How to play:
1.Tap screen where you want to shoot marbles.
2.match 3 or more same color marbles to make blast.
3.Swap the shooting marble by touching the marble emitter.
4.You can use props to make the game easy.

We believe that any bravest fans of marbles legend can succeed in this game

Now you can explore the amazing deluxe game on your lovely device.

Thanks every game players! Any suggestion is welcome!

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Zumba Revenge user reviews :

Would b a five if it weren’t for the glitches. Good graphics and challenging. Save the free bonuses they give you for level 29, which is especially difficult. Definitely fun!Out of the many, many zuma games I’ve tried, this one is definitely in the top 5 of what’s available today and top 10 all time list

Fun and easy so far. Ads short and few, at least in the beginning. The only thing annoying are the top and bottom bars which are obscuring the ball line. One glitch: all of a sudden balls were spewed haphazardly and rapidly for several seconds with no way of stopping them.

Love the game but it glitches all the time. Win a round, and it just sits there not knowing what happened. Watch an ad to reverse the screen, the entire line of balls retreats and never returns….

I love the game even though it glitches sometimes. I am more upset about level 110 because it doesn’t work. You can’t shoot the guy and it just goes right through him. Please fix it! I have worked hard to get this far!

I just love this game except that it has many ads after every level completed. But it is really amazing and challenging as well.

It gets annoying cause they don’t always give you the right balls, like that’s what’s supposed to make the game hard, but four balls to finish, and none of the selections are the right ones!.. I have to misfire like 3 different times

So Refreshing. It makes the mind alert. You would just want to play more and more and more. It’s a beautiful game otherwise. Perfect entertainment..

The game keeps your brain busy. I like that the ads are short and you can click out if you’re not interested

I’m playing Zumba games for the first time but I think I like it. One have to be very calculative, smart and focus to win but its easy to play, its fun catching and keeps one busy. No boring moment with Zumba games. Thanks to Zumba games

This game is so interesting and easy to play especially when you are having problems this game sometimes help you to forget some of the problems after playing this game

I love tu game so much. The level are not too hard and the graphic design is really nice. The gake is a lovely pass time and very interesting.

I love the way the game is set up it is a challenge as well very colorful and full of levels and fun.

Great game! I used to play this on my old desktop and the mobile version is great! Fast paced, quick thinking game. Very fun.

I’ve played other Zumba games it usually takes getting through 15 or so games before it is challenging. Zumba Revenge 2020 starts challenging.

I love the game. Its lots of fun. My only problem is that the colors are too close for me to tell them apart

Very interesting game with great improvement….. Dispels stress easily.

Very interesting and good I love the game but it’s challenging

I love the game, it’s fun, but the ads was too long

Great game to pass your time. Keeps you ready for fast pace action.

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