Zwart – 7160 icons

[App] Zwart – Black Icon Pack

Zwart  You need a custom launcher to apply this icon pack


7160 icons
More than 30860 apps covered
Dynamic Calendar Icon support

Supported launchers

ADW, Holo, Lawnchair, Lucid, Niagara, Nova, OnePlus, Posidon, Smart, Solo, Square Home, TSF

Apply through launcher settings:

Evie, Hyperion, Lens, Lightning, Microsoft, Miui, Poco, Trebuchet, Xperia, Yandex, Zen UI.

Icon pack may also work with other launchers, but that’s not guaranteed.
Whicons works best with Nova, Smart, Evie or Niagara Launcher.


Feel free to contact me with requests, questions or suggestions by email.

Thanks to Jahir Fiquitiva for Blueprint!

Zwart user reviews :

Very clean and comprehensive. Could use some generic icons for the oddball apps that no one else uses (even just letters and numbers). Could be better organized – scrolling through 7000 icons to pick one that starts with y, for example, is annoying.

Same reaction as with the Whicon Icon pack. Simply beautiful and minimalistic, some icons will look awkward with the Reshape Legacy Icons option in Nova Launcher but it’s a pretty good icon pack overall.

It is a great app but whenever I try to request an app it never loads, and I’ve left it for around 10 minutes the last time

My requests to you that time schedule system Between whicons and zwart. Auto and manual system.. Sunset to sunrise timing system, normal mode and dark mode system same as system of Samsung dark mode system. Please update that. Example : whicons in dark mode, zwart in day mode, auto changing system.

It’s a huge collection, and as others said, it’ll benefit from an alphabetical index. But once everything is set up, the phone looks simply great. As for the request, it might be useful to put a line in the Help mentioning that you have to choose email once the bundle is ready, it confused me for a while.

I love it BUT it changes all the icons on me every few weeks within a bink of an eye!

Fantastic selection of icons. They look great on a light-coloured screen.

Sometimes it randomly changes default icons that might be the UI issue but still an annoying one…

The request option doesn’t seem to work and I wish we’d be able to change the colours of icons through the app, but I’m very happy with the black icons for now. They look very sleek and I’ll probs have them for a while

I am unable to request for icons because it says error while requesting. But still i am very happy. Need icon for “spck editor” if you can see

Awesome Icon Pack and awesome creator. Just what I need for a Minimalist theme.

I con request section doesn’t work and it needs more icons…

Best black icon pack ever, it should be a paid apps. Well done guys. Love it.

Minimalistic and covers a huge range of apps, I switch between Zwart and Whicons. Hopefully, there can be other colors as well

Perfect. I use a lot of obscure apps and most of those are covered. However, I must take a star off for missing an icon for Flying Gorrila, possibly the greatest mobile game of all time.

Just what I was looking for. My minimalist setup is now complete

Since 2013 I have been using this icons No matter the launcher, the cellphone or app, Zwart just works Minimalist, black and lovely with an incredible library for al kinds of app Great!!!

One of the best icon packs due to its great amount of icons and its simplicity.

Looks very nice and I like it because lots of colours are too bright because of my sensory issues

Installed on my Boox e-reader. Great for e-ink screens and no missing icons for my apps!

Better than expected. Has much more icons than some of the top rated icon packs.

Does not work. Wasted a lot of time and supposedly I had to install some other launchers, one of them screwed up my home screen. Nothing worked. Setting a single icon in a different color should be easy.
  • Randle
  • Never used an icon pack before? As mentioned in the PlayStore description you will need a custom launcher.

This is one of the best icon packs out there,keep up the good work guys

I don’t usually review apps, but this one is spectacular. It’s free and supports so many apps. All other packs I’ve tried I had to edit unsupported icons individually, but when I applied this one it. just. worked. Every single app on my phone, even YouTube Vanced. Best icon pack I’ve ever tried

I use it along with microsoft launcher and i can’t live without it. Yes, it may be a bit difficult to see at times, especially with dark wallpapers (i have bing daily as my wallpaper, so it changes every day), but overall it’s way better than the standard look. It turnes my mobile desktop from a chaotic mess into a neat and consistent masterpiece. An idea for another icon pack is to be like this but have white borders, so that they are consantly visible, and neat.

I wish there was more than five stars for your app. I absolutly love your icons. I hated looking at my phone it was just so boring and no originality to it. I added the Evie launcher and your icon pack with your wallpaper and I love using my phone again. The amount of diffrent icons are great. I normally hate reviews and never write them but this one deserves a write up. I’d highly recomend your app

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