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[App] 29k – Mental Health & Wellbeing

29k29k is a free non-profit app for mental health, wellbeing and inner development.

In the app you’ll find unlimited access to evidence-based psychological tools to cope with life in both ups and downs, feel good and thrive. You also have a supportive community at your fingertips. There are no in-app purchases and no advertising. We always put privacy and safety first so you can focus on your mental health and inner development.

We are a non-profit organisation on a mission to make all the amazing research and tools on mental health, behavioral change, wellbeing, and inner development accessible for all.

The app is available for quick relief, during hardships, when you go through life changes and for personal growth.

Choose between bite-size exercises, meditations, challenges, tests or check-ins for:
stress or anxiety.
relationship struggles.
overwhelming feelings.
not being able to concentrate.
negative self-talk.
troubles with sleep.

Choose longer courses for more profound learnings and inner development, such as:
changing relationship dynamics.
finding purpose and living meaningfully.
leading with purpose.
growing through challenging times.

The courses, exercises, meditations, and various tests are designed to strengthen your mental health and support your inner development and personal growth, for when life throws you curve balls or wonderful surprises. It is a space for you to work on your relationship with yourself, others and the world.

Join a community group for support through your own journey. Invite friends or colleagues and grow together, or work on your own. Get inspired by others’ reflections in videos and chat messages, and share your own story and reflections.

Because we are a non-profit tech-startup foundation, we partner and co-create with leading universities, researchers, and psychologists across the globe – from Harvard University and University of London to Karolinska Institute, and many more.

What the app offers:
Science-based exercises to practice at home.
Bite-size activities to use on the go.
Guided meditations and exercises.
Peer support via chat, audio & video.
Group sharing where you can listen and share thoughts with others.
Possibility to join groups with friends or with strangers.
Safety toolkit available throughout.
Courses and challenges and other content using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT), combined with deep human connection.
Narrated video and audio reflection or perspectives.
Self-care tools.

Why people use 29k:
Manage anxiety.
Deal with stress.
Overcome negative self-talk.
Find purpose.
Improve sleep.
Deepen and improve relationships.
Cope with crisis.
Boost leadership skills.
Find values.
Practice mindfulness.
Feel less lonely.
Work on inner development.
Connect with peers.
Understand emotions.
Take care of mental health.
Practice self-care.
Sustainable development from within.
Act for change.

Why we are called 29k? We humans live on average 29000 days on this earth. 29k days to make a difference.

“Discovered this marvellous app by pure accident, but I’m so grateful that I did. It came in the right time into my life. After reading a serious of books on topics of psychology, NLP, self-help and using many meditation and life-changing apps, this one stands among my favourites. It feels very personal, non judgemental. It’s easy and intuitive to use, but not childish and it combines great mindfulness, meditation techniques, as well as psychological challenges.”

29k user reviews :

So far I like the app. I do have a recommendation though. During out chat I noticed a user that speaks another language. I had to go to google translate to better understand what they where saying. It would be pretty neat if you had a feature on the app that would automatically translate things for the users preferred language so that they can communicate more effectively in the chatroom. Just a friendly suggestion to make app even better.

  • This is wonderful to read! Please keep giving us feedback as you continue to use the app, so that we can improve it together. Sonja @ 29k

Shortly after having started with the premium version of the absolutely fantastic Fabulous app, I discovered this one. They go very well together, and it’s unbelievable that 29k is free. Both are by far the best coaching apps I have ever come across. And I’m already avidly recommending them to all my friends who are interested or might benefit from them.

  • Wow! These kind words truly made our day. Thank you for sharing!

It’s a good app but the amount of options can genuinely become overwhelming at times. I also think the UI is a little cluttered. The message is good and I genuinely believe that the creators actually want to help people, I just find the app confusing to use at times.

  • Hi! Thank you for taking the time to send us this feedback, I will bring this with me to the team.

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