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[App] App Lock JRummy – Locker w/ fingerprint, Parental Control

App Lock JRummy  Keep your private and professional life safe with Bear Lock, the best app lock in the Google Play Store!

Bear Lock allows you to set a password for apps on your phone or tablet to secure your emails, photos, text messages & any other apps you want. An app to lock my apps? That’s right! Long gone are the days of your friends sneaking into your personal apps! So what are you waiting for? Download App Lock free today and get protected instantly!

Jasper is your personal guard bear for all your sensitive and private apps. You’ll catch him hanging around when you unlock your app. He’s a friendly pal to have but he’s not nice to everyone, especially snoopers. Those nosey friends and intruders won’t like him when he’s angry!

App Lock fingerprint support on compatible devices
Lock apps with password, a pattern or a 4 digit code
Flexible locking system
Hide your notifications
Snap a picture of intruders
Invisible pattern & randomized keypad
Fake error screen
Snooze mode
Prevent unauthorized uninstalls of apps

Choose what apps you want to protect on your phone or tablet! Thanks to our secure app lock technology, only you can unlock sensitive apps, like Gmail, your Photo Gallery, Facebook, and more. Lock apps with a pattern or a 4 digit code. A fingerprint app lock feature is also available if your phone uses fingerprint recognition technology.

You decide when your apps lock again: from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, or even after you turn off your screen. Our customizable app lock allows you to define your own desired levels of security!

Activate this feature on apps of your choice to prevent notifications from being seen by unwanted eyes! For example, if enabled for WhatsApp, you will still get notifications for incoming messages, but Bear Lock will hide the content of the message so people around you can’t see it.

Who are those pesky snoopers trying to bypass your code?! With this feature, Bear Lock will take a picture of any intruder after several wrong attempts of your security code!

For more privacy protection, enable advanced security options such as using an invisible pattern or a randomized keypad! This will prevent hovering eyes from glancing over at your security code.

Keep your app lock a secret by confusing intruders with a fake error screen! Instead of the Bear Lock security screen, accessing a locked app will show a fake “App has stopped” error message. They’ll think the app isn’t working and only you will know the secret in bypassing the error screen.

Bear Lock adds security to your phone when you need it, but you can also turn it off at anytime. This is an app to lock apps, but you can also “snooze” Bear Lock, which will keep apps unlocked for your chosen time frame. Your apps will automatically lock when time is up.

Bear Lock has a feature to prevent anyone using your device from uninstalling apps, including Bear Lock of course.

Download our app lock free today! For any questions or feedback, please email us at contact[at] Visit us at:

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App Lock JRummy user reviews :

I like truth-in-advertising and this app delivered just as promised: a free but effective way to keep apps on my phone secure, which is perfect as I’m often handing off my phone to friends, customers and employees. So now I don’t have to bother with locking and unlocking the phone nor worrying about sensitive apps such as PayPal, cash app, and my banking app just to name a few. They’re all secure behind an added layer of security opened only with my fingerprint as the phone and text still work.

Great app and solves many problems for me in regards to hacker infiltration. A lucky window for play system update and multiple safeguards with this app Being the final guardian of my apps. My only complaint for this and many apps is the notification timing….. Immediately after install they want a review which is Infuriating…. Like having to submit payment commitment in advance for a free trial. How about let us try the software and at the end of trial ask for review and payment. Authentic

The UI is so good and it works well, but for the time being am not using it, as there is a split second time period where I can get a look at the App being opened and then the App lock overlay appears. Currently am using Applock – Fingerprint Pro which has a faster response time in the same scenario that i just explained. Please look into it, I genuinely like your app and wish it to be improved.

Contact developer :


App was Removed from Play Store

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