Assistant for War Thunder – Handy way to check your statistics

[App] Assistant for War Thunder

Assistant for War Thunder  Are you a player of the popular MMO game “War Thunder”? Then “Assistant for War Thunder” is the app you need.

Assistant for War Thunder is a handy way to check your and your friends’ statistics, it allows you to follow Squadrons rating, compare vehicles, purchase trophies and Silver Lions without launching the game!

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Assistant for War Thunder user reviews :

Please bring back the officers club. It was a great idea and theres many players missing it. Alternatively incorporate it into the main game

ve heard it works amazingly, but I am unable to log in with my playstation account, none of the links listed work either.

Excellent app, lets me look at all of my toys and compare them.

this is really usefull because it has a map with alot stats about the plane you are flying (i dont play naval or ground) you dont normally have but you can also compare vehicles side by side to see which is better.

The map helps alot so on my computer I can focus on the battle and If I need to look at the map. The only thing they could improve on is putting the tech trees in the app so you can monitor your research or change it if needed.

This is good for looking at the difference between aircraft, tabks ir ships and its good for if you have a squadron and someone applys for it then u dont have to log onto the game u can just accept or dont accept from on this app if u have it

My biggest gripe is I’ve been playing Naval RB and somehow it’s not showing my combat effectiveness on the Naval RB tab, but somehow increasing my Ground RB combat effectiveness? Please fix it.

Its wonderful to be able to look up the vehicle information while heading into battle. Just wish they listed the limits of flaps, landing gear, etc on it

It worked for me but now it’s not working it’s not letting me log in and when i was loged in it didn’t update my stats

Its great. however I hope there is a way you could make it where you could select the earnable camos to keep track of the progress and review/compare ammunition

The app tells me i have 21 million days of premium, other than that it’s pretty good.

It was good but far from perfect. the feature that let you all see GE vehicles is superb.

Very useful, but I wish I could see all of the different payload options.

it keeps on saying “new account, please enter the game” as im in the game. My email is already linked to gaijin through psn, so i reset the game and it still didnt do anything

I don’t know how to get an account and I’m on Xbox and it’s really annoying because it would be so helpful to have the app

I dont play navy i only play ground and avaein or how ever you spell it i bout pream tanks and planes but i think i should of seen this be for i bout this lol i was i saw before lol

The fact that this app only works for steam users is why it should receive one star. WarThunder has been on console for some time now, it’s time this app catches up.

The Latest version of the app seems to be compatible with android 5.1 but the app doesn’t move past the main loading screen of the app and stays there. I installed an old version of thr app from 2018 which works but contains outdated vehicle specifications.

good app. covers the game well. does not have a quality support desk to help fix bugs and errors. I’ve tried for weeks to explain the fast ticket bleed in air arcade rank 3 or less, and that the scoring system needs adjusting. a full in game wipe across the board and we still lose, and the opposite is also true. even when we all get destroyed, we still win? please look into these.

Pretty well built app. I enjoy looking through the statistics and seeing where my friends and I are. I would give it 5 stars, except recently there has been this bug where the app won’t let me scroll down through the vehicles destroyed statistics. I scroll down a little and it’ll pop me back at the top of the statistics again – that’s annoying. Thanks WarThunder for the EPIC game! I (and my squadron members) really enjoy it!

Pretty decent app, don’t see how you could use it in battle, other then just fiddling around. What I would appreciate a lot would be 3D models of each of the vehicles you search in the app, with armor and module indicators similar to in game. That would be helpful to learn the weak spots etc. I think that would bring this app from a 3/5 to a 5/5 :D thanks for reading

Overall, the app provides the majority of information. Easy to navigate. Easy to understand. Only issue right now with this current build is that I’m unable to dismiss squadron members. The app crashes or goes back to the squadron summary page. If that was fixed, it’d be a 5 star app in my books.

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