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[Game] Astral Light

Astral LightAstral Light is a stunning puzzle game where you rotate clusters of stars in the calming night sky to form recognizable silhouettes.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful visuals and experience a wonderful journey through hundreds of imagination-stirring puzzles.

Over 300 levels separated by categories
A calm and relaxing atmosphere
Gorgeous graphics
Supports both portrait and landscape mode
Cloud saving

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Astral Light user reviews :

Absolutely amazing. I’m a huge fan of stars and space, so this was the perfect game for me. It’s meditative, engaging in a way, and when you’re having a bad day, this app is always here for you. The music is especially calming, and the stars make it easy to align, which is nice. The only issue I have is how the ads play right after you finish a level. It’s tedious. Otherwise, this game is wonderful!

Love this game! Grafics are awesome and music is on point! Also happy how the adds were handled. Just a a few suggestions. First, adding more backgrounds. Mountains or city’s ect. Next it would be cool if you added feature of taping the consolation to make it shrink and explode to the next level. Another thing that be sooo cool is if you added a little info section that told you about real stars and constellations. Last(I promise lol) is if you showed random space facts somewhere. Love it, bye!

Absolutely adore this game. Beautiful visuals, relaxing soundtrack, customizable difficulty (i like playing with the progress bar off!) and no intrusive ads. My favorite game to play before bed. 10/10 Logisk knows how to make good games

The background music and the gameplay are both calming. It also has Google Play Games achievements. Unfortunately, the ad video does not play immediately whenever I need to watch ads just so I could unlock other packs.

Nice an relaxing The two fingers to finish is bit awkward an buggy, would be better if two fingers was rotate and one finger was finish? not easy so test your visual cortex! But has a bug in the ads module, hyper tap responses!!

Dear Logisk team, this is a most wonderful and relaxing game I play every evening before sleep… the music is celestially mesmerizing. Stay blessed always.

Its alright. Everything is very polished and the visuals are great. A bit repetitive after a while, but theres not much you can do to make rotating a sphere of stars stay interesting after 100 levels. Having to watch 4-7 ads to unlock more content is a bit much, since there are already ads between levels.

I paid to remove ads and get unlimited hints, though it still seems to want to ask me to watch ads sometimes. The hints seem to vary between too vague and too easy (completely aligning it for you). Otherwise it’s a pretty good game for relaxing

I just started playing this game and already like it. It’s a game where you have to rearrange stars (or yellow dots in this case) to make a contellation (picture). I highly recommend this game: it’s simple, relaxing, and is well created! Note: I think it would be more fun if more backgrounds and colors were added

I love this game!The pictures the stars make are beautiful especially when they are completed and shining bright.The music gives you a calm and peaceful feeling.The only thing I think could be improved is the background image…maybe you could add a few different ones as well.I really enjoyed playing this game.

I’ve had a game like this in the past but did not like it because it was timed. For me, after a long day being timed on a game does not help me unwind. The music is so calming and the picture of the cabin in a snowy field brings to mind peace. I could honestly just look at the picture and listen to the music and feel better. I love your games. All that I’ve played have had a recurring theme…RELAX! Thank you, job well done.

Casual calming puzzle. Kinda reminds me of monument valley. There is in app ads every 3 to 4 levels. Apparently to unlock more puzzle packs you need stars which can be collected from viewng ads on your own accord. Each ad you watch is 300 stars. Each pack is around 1000~2000 stars. So u need to watch about 4~7 ads to unlock a new puzzle pack.

  • Thank you for the detailed feedback. Happy to see you liked the game.

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