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[Game] Astraware Number Cross

Astraware Number CrossNumber Cross is a logic puzzle that puts your deductive skills to the test!

Also known as number fill, number jig, or number fit, each jumbled puzzle gives you an empty grid and a list of numbers. Each number fits in just one place in the grid and it is up to you to figure out where. No arithmetic required – all you need are your problem solving skills!

With Astraware Number Cross you can play four new Daily puzzles each day – top the global leaderboard by completing the puzzle in the fastest time! For more of a challenge there is a Weekender puzzle available each Friday with a trickier puzzle!

Astraware Number Cross offers 50 built-in puzzles in 3 different grid sizes and 3 different difficulty levels so you can keep playing even after completing the Daily puzzle! If you are a big fan of Number Cross, you can get extra puzzle packs to keep you going.

The latest feature is the new endless puzzle streams – watch videos then play the puzzles you like!

Get Astraware Number Cross and improve your logical reasoning today!

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Please note that this game requires a device with a screen resolution of at least 480×800 pixels.

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Astraware Number Cross user reviews :

Everything works well and the presentation is nice but Im not looking to race people. I play these type of puzzles to relax and exersise my brain. For those puposes this app fails me. The drag and drop interface facilitates speed but the fact that it highlights the only options for each number takes all the thinking out and you really only need spacial reasoning to win and win fast. I also don’t care for the subscription model it has but you do have the option to not use it.

Love the game but bought in app purchases and I can’t access what I’ve paid for. I emailed about this issue and haven’t heard back from anyone

Good time killer and keeps your brain active…. Some are easy but they’re balanced with some a bit trickier AND you aren’t bombarded with a million ads after every puzzle! Also like the colour difference between length of numbers, that really helps and it’s so nice to play so well done team!

Nice because it reminds me of old number puzzles on the newspaper, but once you ran out of # you’ll play a puzzle every 2 days unless you let them access a lot of thing they shouldn’t access and get your data. That’s super sketchy so I uninstalled since I can barely play and that is very shady behavior.

Again just like your kriss Kross puzzles. I don’t mind having to watch a few ads in a game cause I know that keeps it free. But when I constantly have to watch just to get tickets to play well then I just delete and find a game where it doesn’t require

Fun games. I’m enjoying them, a lot Although, and this could be just me, but, I sometime feel the controls get in my way when my times are getting too close to the top scores. I fully accept that I might be imagining it

Kind of disappointed !!! After doing the first few puzzles, that are free to start, you have to pay to play. This is very disappointing !!!

I really enjoy these puzzles. Especially, because there isn’t an ad popping up after every puzzle.

this is an awesome fill-in game… just needs more competitive puzzles, other than the 4 daily ones. I like to push myself for the gold.

I’ve always played number cross but never raced against the clock. This is cool! It’s good for the brain and coordination.

such a great game and the devs listen to the feedback! several bothering features have been adjusted since i last played and now its super enjoyable!

same as the kriss kriss puzzle, I click on the stamps but once I go into the daily puzzles the stamps get removed. good game otherwise

Fun game, love number fill ins. Would enjoy a little more challenge

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