Avalon Jewels – Help Evelyn on her quest

[Game] Avalon Jewels Match-3

Avalon JewelsPlay a match-3 game with jewels lost in the mists of Avalon.

Help Evelyn on her quest through a land full of mysteries. Use your magic skill to beat levels.

Are you the hero Avalon needs? Then get matching! Simultaneously relaxing and challenging, Avalon Jewels features 520 levels, boosters, power ups, quests and treasures making it a must-play for match-3 fans! Start your adventure in Avalon now.

Hundreds of challenging and fun match-3 levels
Match 3 jewels to collect them
Match 4 jewels to create Super Gem
Match 5 jewels in a row to create Rainbow Gem
Swap two Super Gems for extra effect!
Swap Super Gem and Rainbow Gem to multiply Super Gems
Swap two Rainbow Gems to collect all jewels from the board
Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master
Amazing graphics all yours once you start the magic

Avalon Jewels is completely free to play, but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives might require payment. If you don’t want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device’s Restrictions menu.

Big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Avalon Jewels!

Questions? Contact our tech support at support[at]anawiki.com

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Avalon Jewels user reviews :

Only up to Level 30 but find this game to be one of the best Match 3 so far. Have knocked off one star only because I dislike the way the screen jumps at the end of each level and prior to playing the next . It’s enough to cause Vertigo in susceptible individuals – and could be the sole reason I uninstall it after playing another few games. Very few ads and they tend to be short, so that’s a bonus too.

I’m only at level 16 & At least the first 15 levels you have to put up with the instruction bot playing the game for you & there’s no way to skip it or turn it off. But the Game has Good graphics & effects + good in play rewards, smooth playing no bugs, it’s relaxing, fun to play. It’s not the most exciting game I’ve ever played. But it’s competitive, challenging & keeps your interest! You can watch ads to get extra plays if you need it & There’s ads between levels like other free play games.

Wish i could raise it to 6*. This is the BEST match 3 I’ve played & I’ve played a lot of them. It definitely isnt on the easy side if you let your guard down. Really enjoying it. No problems that others are having. Kudos if fixed them in a timely manner. It is actually more of a new match 3. Lots of new tricks & a lot of hard levels already! Hats off to the creators. Thank you for your hard, time consuming work.

Terrible game. You do get lots of free play time but it can take 45 minutes to win a level, especially when you hit higher levels. When free play is over it WILL take all your lives just to beat one level if you’re lucky. The graphics are nice and the music isn’t obnoxious but when you play for 2 hours and only clear three levels or use every single booster…well… that’s what they want so you’ll spend real money. Nope. Bye.

Just hoping this game continues to have enough moves for all the puzzles. If not I will be deleting.

The boosters don’t work properly causing you to have to use more moves. I had an object almost at the bottom of the screen that needed to drop all the way to the bottom, so I combined a striped booster with a color bomb, but nothing even touched the 2 tiles that were keeping the object from dropping to the bottom of the screen. This kind of thing happened several times in the first 100 levels. I’m uninstalling bc it’s impossible to have any kind of strategy when your boosters are so ineffective.

Great game I love it so far keep me occupied when I have some spare time.

Great game. I really love the music. Very relaxing. It remains me of Lord of the Rings. Beautiful

I’ve just recently started playing this game, but it seems pretty easy and fun. Thanks!

I watched a video to get 3 more moves, as I only had one move to beat the level. When the game came back after the ad, I had a lot more moves and not possible to win even with 3 more moves. Very unhappy right now.

Very cool game!!! I love that you incorporated both actual match 3 challenge puzzle game and put some battle into it. I would like it if you could put a little bit of a storyline in the game as well. Great relaxing Game people

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