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Avatar GenerationsJoin the Gaang!

Create your own Team Avatar with all your favorite heroes from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and soon Avatars from other generations! The likes of Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki and Zuko and the much-loved Appa and Momo, all await you to join the Avatar’s quest to fulfill his destiny, for the first time on mobile.

Journey across the Four Nations in a living Adventure Map with puzzle-like exploration, reliving key moments from the beloved series while exploring new and original stories! Send teams to each corner of the world to autobattle, earning valuable resources and upgrades, whilst battling with another party elsewhere.

Collect all your favorite characters from all the Nations to join your team! Find out which combination of heroes work well together. Whether it’s the Gaang, members of the White Lotus, Fire Nation baddies, fierce Kyoshi Warriors, or your own “what-if” dream-team of heroes. The possibilities are endless.

PERFECT YOUR TEAMS Take the reins on all aspects of combat as you control each hero within your squad, performing powerful team combos and Ultimates with a simple tap of the finger. Utilizing the Battle Formation system, position your heroes within a given formation to yield additional battle benefits.

Featuring a multi-layered hero and equipment upgrade system, with a plethora of unique skills and enchantable gear for each character. Including equipment, supports, and relic items, each with various tiers of rarity for a multitude of loadout and party combinations.

Underpinning every facet of the game is a rich narrative that follows, and builds upon, the themes, messages and stories from the beloved Avatar: The Last Airbender series. Keep expanding your team, as new Avatar Timelines will open up, including The Rise of Kyoshi and eventually The Legend of Korra!

Start your journey and create the ultimate Team Avatar!

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Avatar Generations user reviews :

While decent in gameplay, the bugs are overabundant, can’t even progress through the first part of the game. Which is really a bummer, because the concept is fun. I hope they fix it soon, because otherwise it is literally unplayable. Edit: More bugs, bugs and bugs. Game freezes, stutters and the only way to escape it is to close the app. One time it completely froze my phone, so that sucks. I do not recommend it as of now. Maybe they improve it. Hopefully.

  • Hello, We are very sorry for the recent graphic issues you have experienced! Our team has applied a fix, please update the app to the most recent version! As a thank you for your patience and continued support, we have sent rewards to aid your journey to your mailbox in game! Avatar Generations Team

Game is quite fun, however it hinders the progress too much. You need to farm resources to unlock campaign levels and it’s a very slow progress… Some characters skills can only be upgraded in very specific conditions which are impossible to achieve until you progress a lot in the campaign, which is limited due to the point I mentioned previously. Also a lot of bugs and the game freezes a lot. Good point is there is a lot of space to grow

Unique take on the TBRPG genre that has a lot of potential, but it’s new and buggy and there’s some things that need to be worked. The AI is really aggressive and will focus down one member of your team, which makes the early game pretty difficult having to overpower your characters for a battle in order for them to survive a fight they should breeze through. Sometimes the animations and stuff don’t work. You’ll stun or freeze a character and they still get their turn. We’ll see what happens.

1. I’ve seen the show a million times, give us the option to skip all cinematics without having to tap and confirm each time. 2. Weird choice for traversal, reminiscent of old games of this style, but feels really out of place compared to the battling, especially in regards to quality 3. Too many currencies, not enough information on certain currencies, why aren’t others included in the top bar showing me how many I have? Has amazing potential, some design decisions are easy to overlook.

Great game for the Avatar universe, but it needs work. The basics are all here, and this is obviously an early access type scenario, so this will hopefully change. The game has good mechanics, a storyline following and expanding on the show, and excellent graphics. However, it leaves me wanting more QoL features – full auto, fast forward, skip animations – and loading times/animations between menus should be reduced, as they make the gameplay feel interrupted. Overall, I can’t wait to play!

Game feels really bare and low quality. Already gotten to the point where each battle keeps causing the game to freeze and flash and I have to restart. When I do, the battle is complete somehow. What? Style is all over the place and it’s really tedious already but made sure to ask for money immediately when you get to the home page. Still under development so I’ll keep trying for a while and hope things improve.

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