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[Game] Baby Panda Town My Dream

Baby Panda Town My Dream  Welcome to the Baby Panda’s Town!

At here, you can experience your dream lives with interesting town buildings, tasty food, fun games, friendly neighbors and friends…

Baby Panda’s Town: My Dream has provided 8 different jobs for you: flight attendant, chef, teacher, archaeologist, astronaut, policeman, firefighter, and doctor. My dears, choose your dream job then and have fun in the Baby Panda’s Town!

In Baby Panda’s Town, you can choose the following jobs:

Solve Intellectual Problems
Learn about mathematics and numbers in classroom; look for pieces of cultural relics and piece them together into the original shape!

Look After Friends
Bandage wounds and prescribe medicine for patients; prepare coffee, fries and cakes for flight passengers!

Maintain Town Order
Go on patrol in the mall, find and arrest thieves; drive a fire engine to put out fire and save trapped residents.

Make Nutritious Meals
Match different kinds of food for well-balanced meals; heat meat and vegetables for astronauts and feed them!

You can freely choose characters and live in your dream town! Download Baby Panda’s Town: My Dream, and start experienceing your dream jobs.

Baby Panda’s Town: My Dream will help you:

Learn to solve simple mathematics problems.
Cultivate kindness by getting along with friends.
Give full play to your creativity.
Make your super hero dreams come true.

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Baby Panda Town My Dream user reviews :

Ok this game is very fun and interesting but I would recommend to add more things more jobs and more challenging things in game because if we play this for a long period ppl probably get bored so 3 stars for me.

Very educative game. We want more games. And can you please make dress up games, cooking games, colouring games for teenagers? Because we really love your games.

I loved this game so much that I wanted to give it 5 stars. But there were three problems. Number 1 was that it didn’t had eight jobs, there were only 5 jobs , number 2 is that all the characters can’t do all the jobs like one character can only do four, number 3 is that there are no new levels in it like once you get all the awards you have no choice but to do the jobs over and over again. So if you could please improve this game and add a few more levels than I would probably give it a five.

I don’t like this game in this game only teacher, police officer, fire fighter, Chief and archeology are options in this no level when you achieve your goals in this game then the is boring So for me this game is worst I will give this game 1 star Next time I will not installed baby panda game

Nice Game for children . My daughter likes this game. But one issues is in this game is some costumes are lock . Only that much…….. Acpect this everything is alright. But only four star !!!

Babybus is my favorite for a long time and I am playing it for too long. The game is good, it teaches us so useful lesson. And the characters were soo cute. I wish this game will be better in future, and we will play new games and learn many lesson. Good luck.

This app is so excited to play. You can rate 1/5-Stars. This is the most cutest App I ever seen, Kids liked playing this game it’s very fun to play all you can say Wow! The owner of this is doing he/her job. He/Her did a good job working at this have a wonderfully day, God Bless you.

This game is very popular and I have played it many times I and my brother have been thinking about it that what more things you can add in this game…. I always play this game its amazing….

Like it so much…Especially, when I get to be the teacher. Some of the outfits are locked but you don’t need to waste your money buying the full version. Oh Well, it’s the perfect game for kids like me

It is so fun and my favorite part is the firefighter. Kids love it and i love it too because i am a 9 yeared kid! i have enjoyed this game so much and it’s really a fun and educational game for kids. My mother also like it and my 2 yeared yonger brother too! You just try it! Soooooooo fun game! Everyone please rate this 5 star and please enjoy it so much!

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