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Before LauncherStay focused using the minimal launcher with style and functionality.
Open your phone 40% less.
Reduce distractions with our notification filter. 80% of all notifications don’t warrant interruption.
Focus on what matters.

Zero ads, never a subscription
No ads, EVER
No subscriptions, EVER
Lifetime purchase for ALL of your devices

Before Launcher gets your time back, by giving your phone a minimal look. This minimalist launcher provides many useful features including:

Minimal homescreen
Quick launch of your most important apps. It’s configurable, too!

Customize the look, make your own clean style
Choose from our large list of photo, gradient and solid themes or create your own.

Fast access to your favorites and everything else
Fast access to all your apps in a scrollable, sortable & searchable list.

Favorite, folder and hide your apps
Group apps into folders. Pin apps to the top of your apps list. Hide unwanted and distracting bloatware (available in pro version)

Hide less important notifications
Our filtered notification drawer is unique. Less important notifications don’t interrupt you with vibrations or noise. They won’t clutter up your notification bar. But you still receive them and they are accessible with a quick swipe.

Notified but not distracted
Focus on what is essential. Important notifications still notify you, so you don’t miss anything.

Built to be private
We are not in the business of capturing or selling your data. We don’t track any data that identifies you. We even allow you to turn off our anonymous analytics.

No required permissions = more privacy/security
Many other launchers want 10 or more device permissions. (the notification filter asks for one access but you can turn it off that feature).

Go longer between charges
Preserve your battery by using our true black background and thin font (if your phone has an AMOLED screen).

Take control of your phone
Before Launcher sorts apps by their size, their installed date and the last time you used them. Uninstall the ones that take up too much space, or you never use.

Style your app icons
Add our own styles and also add 3rd party icon packs

Easy set up
Our guided process helps you get Before Launcher set up in no time.

Selected as one of Fast Company’s best new apps of the year in 2019.

The minimalism movement inspired our work! This includes books like Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport, How to Break Up with Your Phone by Catherine Price and Indistractable by Nir Ayal. (2) Products like the Lightphone.

NOTE: We would love to hear from you. Our roadmap includes future support for gestures, custom fonts, and more.

Before Launcher user reviews :

Edit: I think it somehow turned on the vibrations. Which kinda annoys me. If I want to totally silence my phone, is because I’m not interested in knowing about any notification. Initial review: I like it. The black & white icon style is proven to be more useful than I thought. For the moment, it really broke my habit of accessing certain apps, because it’s less obvious to the eye. And everything looks great with a black background. Therefore, people with OLED screens can save battery in style.

  • Alex, thank you for letting us know how it is going! Updates are in the works!

I love the design. I love the theme. I have two issues, though: if look at my apps, scroll down a bit, come back to the main menu and back at my apps, it doesnt remember the scroll position, which is annoying. The other one is that by filtering notifications, even if my phone is on silent, the unfiltered notifications will vibrate. If the developer sees this im happy to contact you with more details!!

  • We are in the process of rolling-out version 3.0.5 — new, good stuff in that release but it also includes a fix for that problem. If your Play Store app is set to auto-update you won’t have to do anything. Thank you. feedback[at]

Been using it for the last two weeks. after trying out some other minimal launchers, this one seems to do the trick for me. The filtered notifications feature is quite great and useful. It’s clear that this launcher has solid design principles and indeed, it’s aligned with the digital minimalism approach.

This is an excellent launcher that offers exactly what I needed. My only concern is that you do need ‘Pro’ in order to get different font sizes on the home screen. Fortunately for me I do not have trouble reading, but I would like to spread an awareness for those who prefer larger text or have conditions such as dyslexia. This app is truly a gem when it comes to minimalism and bare necessities. It has changed my life for the better and made my productivity so much less cluttered. No ads!

  • Hi Marlowe. Thanks for the kind words, taking the time to rate/review. We do look at the Free/Pro options….we’ll use your input on this. Over time, nearly all new features have landed in the free version! We don’t do subscriptions, sell ads or data…so, “Pro” is partly about supporting the effort. Again, thanks! Email: feedback[at]

This launcher is exceptional. The free version comes with a majority of the full functionality, but the features of the paid version are nice. I, however, believe that these devs deserve the support: the purchase is one time, there are never any ads, the privacy policy and intention outstanding. My one gripe is notification filter screen has never worked for me, but it’s ok.Overall, this app has been great for my digital wellbeing and I am grateful to the devs for creating such a great service!

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