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BetterMeGetting fit is now even more accessible with the brand new BetterMe app!


Customized wholesome approach to weight loss and weight gain

We adjust to your busy schedule, preferences and lifestyle to achieve fast results without harming your health

Workouts for any level

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we’ve got you covered with a variety of exercise sets for at-home or at-the-gym sessions, with zero equipment or a full gym. Even if you’ve never tried to work out in your life, our simple and clear instructions will help prevent injuries and get you accustomed with a fitness world in record time

Easy-to-follow meal plans
Nutrition plans created by certified experts to boost your progress with options like intermittent fasting, keto, vegan, and many more

Intermittent fasting
BetterMe encourages you to try out a 16:8 fasting approach – a proven method that is all about WHEN you eat instead of WHAT you eat. Tap on the timer, start your fast, reap the rewards!

The BetterMe app provides you with:

Workout Programs: personalized sets of exercises and nutrition to help you get in shape faster
All-new meal plans: dishes picked according to your preferences, and are easy to make
16:8 intermittent fasting plan to help you take your weight to the next level
Calorie Tracker: know exactly how much you consume a day and monitor your macros all with an intuitive design
Water tracker and step counter to make sure that you’re reaching your daily goals

BetterMe offers varied workouts, easy-to-follow meal plans, and useful tips for everyone!

There is no need to go to the gym; over 1,500 of our workouts can be done at home – with our vast library of exercises, everyone will find something to float their boat. Get ready to meet your new favorite way to get in shape fast!

Getting in shape has a lot to do with nutrition, and we’ve carefully hand-picked hundreds of recipes for every taste, cooking time, and budget. Quickly find your new favorite keto breakfast, vegan snack, low-calorie dinner and much more.

BetterMe user reviews :

1. No pauses between exercises and no hint on what will be next. So 1/3 of each exercise is lost on changing position and understanding what to do. 2. In-app payments for challenges are sick. 3. Lots of different programs, but in fact they are all made of the same small video cuts. 4. Always vertical view – casting it to TV for bigger picture useless. Used app for 2 weeks, then switched to free YouTube videos, where you get proper instructions.

  • Hello! Thank you for sharing these moments. We understand that they cause inconvenience for you. So we have already shared your comment with the relevant team. Please email us at to determine how we can provide you with a solution. Kind Regards, Team BetterMe

The biggest frustration of this app is that there isn’t a transition between the movements! It counts down and then immediately starts the next move. Even a 10 second transition would be extremely helpful. I have seen the ads for a while and wanted something to help me be better about stretching and body weight to compliment my rowing workouts.

  • Hello. Thank you for your comment. To pause workouts, you can simply tap on a workout video and press a pause button. It will give you as much time as you need to complete the current exercise. For more advice, we would be happy to see your reply at gethelp[at] Kind regards, team BetterMe

This is after my first workout, I may update after using for a bit longer. The workout itself is fine but they give you no time in between moves to set up. Each move is 20-45 seconds and you spend 10 of those seconds figuring out what you’re supposed to be doing. There’s also no option to cast to a TV so you can actually see. No music, no auditory instructions on what’s next. I feel like I only got half the workout because of this.

  • Hello! Thank you for your honest opinion. Can you please reach out to our support team directly at gethelp[at] We would be happy to take a look and help you. Will be waiting for your email! Have an awesome day! Kind Regards, Team BetterMe

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