Binaural Beats – Eeasily generate brain waves that will stimulate your concentration

[Game] Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats  Study music and binaural beats app.

Brain wave with binaural beats, alpha waves, delta waves for study, work, focus, sleep, etc. It also includes a binaural beat generator. With it you can easily generate brain waves that will stimulate your concentration, meditation or relaxation.

Main features:

Create your own Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta or Gamma brainwaves to study, learn or focus.
Music for studying, reading and concentration.
Change the focus music to improve your experience.
Change the volumes of background music and wave.
Play the study music in the background.
Schedule timer to automatically stop the music.
High quality meditation music.
Beautiful and simple design.
No network required.

Use headphones for a better sound experience.
Binaural waves are just entertainment and should not replace your medicine treatments. If you have any disease you should visit a doctor.

Contact us for any suggestion or question, so that we can improve this app for you!

Binaural Beats user reviews :

Right off the bat, this app has the perfect ratings and perfect written descriptions, hardly any negative ones at that which made me feel very fishy about it. I used it nonetheless and obviously i was disappointed. There are many bugs in the interface itself. The music is bad quality, no descriptions etc. For an application even in its initiation misleading users isn’t forgivable but to have gone to such extents as to get seemingly fake reviews just to promote an app? It’s literally conmanship!

Love the app. But I tried to give it a 1 star rating in the app and it said “thanks for your feedback”. When I gave it a 5 star later, it took me straight to the Play Store to leave an actual review. This is for everyone who’s not satisfied with the app. My only personal complaint, music is enabled by default. No one wants music in their white nosie app, I’d listen to YouTube live streams if I wanted that.

In my personal experience, I find this app (Binural Beats) to be very useful. It helps me get centered in times of chaos. It has also aided in my artistc journey , I reach a creative road block or need to find a little extra Drive. Thank you for creating something helpful that help fills a need in the health field -TrIiIm3s

Very grateful for this app. It has helped me finally shut off the constant chatter and sleep peacefully. Another thing I note is that lucid dreaming is back consistently after many years. No more nightmares, pain management is easier many nights. Serene, uplifting dreams. I wake feeling rested. I hadn’t felt that in years having tried many relaxation methods. Thank you. Blessings to you.

Read up on binaural beats before down loading, so glad I did. It’s best if you can understand the theory and reasoning behind the methodology of having different htz in each ear, and the importance of using headphones or earbuds. I prefer earbuds.

Better than YouTube, I don’t have to search for anything I just conveniently click, and works when I turn off my phone. It’s amazing, just need a wider selection per category and it would be flawless.

Time after time this App brings peace, tranquility, rest(both spiritual and physical) along with memory boost and more. Very nice controls in App that easily get one to the best needed beats for rapid recentering and realignment with the listener and our universe!

Very nice app even with the free version. I ended up paying for it even…the price was hella reasonable! But please give us a few more preset options already lol. Yeah we can create our own but then we’re doing the work of the dev team eh?

The Focus music really helped me crank out some work! Kinda like caffeine! I’m so grateful! Using the app right now! Thank you!

I enjoy the multitude of sounds and frequencies to ease and stimulate my subconscious for whatever it needs at that moment.

Good app. I like the independent volume settings and compatibility with other music apps.

I listen to the waves with my headphones while i sleep. This really helps you to feel refreshed the next day. Thanks for this great app.

Its absolutely quite useful and helps me be concentrated at things I wanna do like reading for example. I liked it a lot

Great app no annoying adds through the music and or beats great idea that they run at bottom of the screen

This app helps me so much when I can’t sleep at night or even when I’m just feeling over whelmed with things that are not going so good, it helps me relax and it helps me find my happy place.

Wow. Best Binaural Beats app so far. It is so complete from Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, to Gamma with alot of frequencies to choose from. It also has alot of good music to mix with the beats. I like the tool where I can create my own beat and change to my chosen frequency and add it on the library, and it can tell you what level of beat it is. It is worthy of 5 stars for me. No ads, user-friendly interface, total complete package. Plus it is totally free. I would recommend to all my friends.

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