Birdie Shot – Your rivals await you on golf courses

[Game] Birdie Shot – Enjoy & Earn

Birdie ShotEnjoy golf in the palm of your hand while earning crypto!

In BIRDIE SHOT : Enjoy & Earn, you can collect cute characters and the latest golf equipment to compete against players all across the globe!


Fully Customizable Golf Team
Build a team of 8 characters, each specializing in one type of golf club.
Collect the latest equipment, such as rangefinders and golf apparel, to maximize your winning chances.
Attach up to 3 special skills per character, which further boost their performance on the field!

Various Gameplay Modes
Play 1vs1 matches in the World Tour mode to earn EXP Drinks to level up your characters.
Complete Adventure Mode missions for FREE characters and equipment.
Participate in various heart-racing competitions to earn Gold and exchange for crypto!

Beautiful Golf Courses from Around the World
Your rivals await you on golf courses in Hawaii, Japan, Norway and more.
Climb up World Tour tiers to unlock more courses to play on!

Free to Enjoy & Earn!
Everyone can start playing for free! No investment required to earn Gold!
Your own golfing skill is the most important factor in matches. Practice your shots and keep winning!

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Discord :

Minimum Specs :
Over 3GB RAM, Android 5.0 or above

Supported languages :

App Permissions Information
In order to provide the following services, we are requesting certain permissions.

Mandatory Permissions
None. BIRDIE SHOT : Enjoy & Earn does not ask for mandatory permissions.

Optional Permissions
Storing pictures/media/files: Used for resource download, saving game installation file, and attaching gameplay screenshots for customer service use.

How to Withdraw Permissions
Android 6.0 or higher: Settings > Applications > Select App > Permissions > Withdraw access.
Under Android 6.0: Withdraw permission cannot be done and the app needs to be uninstalled.
We recommend you to upgrade the Android OS version.

Product Information and Terms of Use
A stable network connection is required to play BIRDIE SHOT : Enjoy & Earn.
BIRDIE SHOT : Enjoy & Earn is free to play, but some in-game items may also be acquired through in-app-purchases.

If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us in game by accessing Settings > Inquiry from the in-game main lobby screen.

Birdie Shot user reviews :

I’m sorry but this game is awful. The graphics are cute but gameplay is the worst. There is no clear directions on what things do like upgrades or accessories. The accuracy (even with high ranking players) is horrible. Out of the 20 games I have played, I won 1. Screen is cluttered with tabs that you have no idea what they are for as like I said, no description on what things do. It’s cute. That is the only thing the game has going for it.

  • Hello Penny. We are sorry you felt that way. Could you try pressing the (!) button on the top of your screen in each of the game mode menus? They provide some guide on what things do. Our white paper ( also has a more in-depth guide. We will try to make the game more clear on future updates. Thank you!

Could be way better. Terrible putting (guide shows ball going in hole yet it’ll roll 2 feet away from hole). Terrible match making. Inconsistent weather impact. Needs height of hole displayed on shot screen. Same holes over and over and over during tour. Half the game hidden behind bitcoin. Too difficult to get coins to upgrade team/items.

I give up. The putting is just troll nonsense. The further I get, the worse it gets. Where I am, me and my opponent just 4 or 5 putt until someone loses or leaves. The greens are now designed to where you’re definitely going to miss a 7 foot putt because the numbers don’t make sense, and it will 100% roll 60 feet down a hill after the miss. No other part of the game matters. It’s just a putting trollfest. This game was pretty fun starting out. Just play until course 6 or 7 then delete it.

Awesome Game Overall if you want to Earn Crypto,Though there are issues which may upset some.I LOVE Golf and the Video Games that have incorporated over the years,way back to Arnold Palmer Golf on the Commodore 64 through to Tiger Woods Golf Today,Played them All.I only have two real issues,First is unacceptable, IVE LOST 6 GAMES FROM GAME CRASHING MID ROUND!MY STATS TOOK PLUMMET WHEN I WAS ON LEADER BOARD #6!The other is the oscillating gage. Better if like Tiger gmes, swing thumb through.

Im having fun.. Im inspired to win at the same time but do not have any idea how to earn from this app. Hope there will be another airdrop. Just knew about this app after the launching of airdrop.

Nice game to waste your time when you feel bored honestly i enjoy the game though I don’t really know how to earn from this but i guess that really doesn’t matter for me as long as I enjoy the game

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