Block Puzzle – Fill blocks to win

[Game] Block Puzzle – All in one

Block PuzzleBlock Puzzle – All in one has Hexagon mode and Square classic mode.
Drag blocks to fill up the block to Win and collect stars and diamonds to unlock new mode.
Easy to play and pleasurable game for kids & adults alike.

More than 3000 levels for challenge both of two mode
Get free hints per day
Easy to play, drag and drop
Easy to learn, fill blocks to win
Much more game mode(normal, daily, brain, etc)
Over 300 Achievements rewards.

Block Puzzle user reviews :

I have played many levels and love this game. However, there’s an issue with playing the square rotate level games. I can’t tap on the level to play, and the app freezes. I have to close and re-open to get back to the home screen. It’s also showing levels as unavailable, even though they shouldn’t be. You can click “play”, and it takes you through those levels; but you get no credit for them. These bugs are annoying, and it’d be great if they were addressed and not ignored.

This puzzle actually deserves 4star (-1star cuz the pieces sometimes won’t fall into the slot you want them to go into.) I took away another 2star because you INSIST on displaying notifications on the thumbnail, even though I disabled notifications in my device’s settings (it’s not an option within your game)…. this constant reoccurrence of little red pop up “!!!!!!!” annoys me so much I have no more interest in keeping this little game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uninstalled.

Game developers, please take note. You don’t have to inundate us with ads. Block Puzzle does it right. Small banner ads at the bottom, and an occasional ad that you can opt out after 5 seconds. Trust us, we know whether we want to check out a game, or not, by 5 seconds time. Great job. Keep up the great work.

I enjoyed the app to pass the time, even the occasional add that came up you could close right away, then it reached a point that levels would not unlock once you completed the initial levels that were unlocked. Uninstalled the app.

From what I can tell this app is not an ad trap. So thank you developers. I ran into zero ads, and it’s a good game. Quite fun to play, and actually gets more challenging than other games of its type. I happily give it 5 stars. Some real thought went into this game.

Enjoyable, some people moaned about ads the X marks the spot gone in seconds. They require ads to pay their revenues. Some can be very intrusive but not Block Puzzle. Really fun relaxing should go back and turn 3 stars into five but early days.

The levels don’t unlock although I have enough stars to unlock them. Can this be fixed please

I love it its very nice and there is not alot of ads and the good thing is you can play offline but you need to have alot of stuff from ads I love it so I hope there is not a problem on it

I love this game time consuming. It’s not a lot of ads you can play and play and play. I haven’t saw an ad yet. Keep up the good work

One of the VERY few games that don’t have many ads at all. And it don’t MAKE you watch the ads either. THAN YOU! I’ve been playing a while also.

The only problem I have is that I have completed almost all loves and there are some that are locked saying I have to have a certain number of levels to unlock and I have more than surpassed that level and they are still not unlocked.

Pretty good, no video ads just pop up ones. I only have one issue. I can’t unlock anything after the first 6 categories for Hexa and Square. Please let me know how and I’ll update this.

So far so good and no ad after every level. Nicely challenging at levels past simple. Thank you!

its a okay game puzzle but whats stopping me from giving it 5 stars is that im having trouble in the rotate block mode i can not open any challenge modes even though theyre unlocked but i can not open any chellenge mode it freezes the game i have to then back out of the app altogether

Great game you got to be focused at all times so you know what move to make if not you can and will be unable to make it fit and then you will start thinking too much about were to put it love playing this game

So far so good, no ads yet and starts simply to build up to the harder levels. Of course I have only been playing for a few minutes

What I really like is there is no ads after every puzzle. You can keep going. Great game.

Sooooo relaxing after a hard day Love the Music Feel like marching all the way through the moves. But not always straight forward

I like the Block puzzle because it helps your brains memories.

It’s overall pretty good although i can’t get access to the square rotate section

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