BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run – e a hero and rescue your teammates

[Game] BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run

BoBoiBoy Galaxy RunPower up and hop into BoBoiBoy, the free endless run game based on the popular kids show full of adventure, addicting fun, and a stunning galaxy of adventure for you to rush your way through.

Power Spheras grant unimaginable might. In the hands of evildoers, they could wreak havoc throughout the universe. Run around the galaxy with your friends and defeat villains who want to capture Power Spheras.


CHOOSE YOUR BOBOIBOY HERO: Be a hero and rescue your teammates along the way! Once free, you are able to play as them until you die, after which you’ll come back as the previous hero. Want to be able to start with your favorite hero? Don’t panic: You can unlock up to 6 characters from the popular BoBoiBoy kids show, including Fang, Hanna, Ying and more!
SIMPLE ARCADE ACTION: Run and shoot automatically. All you have to do to play is tap and swipe to jump, double-jump, hop around obstacles and grab Power Spheras to defeat the aliens and their robot minions.
UP TO THE CHALLENGE? Take on a series of Missions as you fight to defend the galaxy and block the villains’ plans. So hop to it!
FUN WITH FRIENDS: Challenge your friends down the block or across the world to top your high score on the Leaderboards.

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BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run user reviews :

Pretty addictive endless run game. Nice graphic. Good music. However the control input still able to be improved, especially when the characters need drop down on the platform below, sometimes it was accidentaly jump instead. Need more update for the characters, like Gopal who absent from the first update. Nice game anyway!

The controller is not sensitive. Does not work properly. Eg: double tap for double jump but only single jump, slide to use power but turns out jump. And ads keep on popping and could not remove ads. Therefore i decide to uninstall this gams since there are many similar games like this and works better. Sorry!

It was very cool. I love everything about this game. It’s interesting, fun and nice for children. But, I think the game need more characters such as Tok Abah, Gopal and more because the game only had Boboiboy, Yaya, Ying and Fang. Also, sometimes it was boring to just run and collect the things. Maybe you should add some mini games so that children will not get boring easily. Thank you! I enjoyed playing it.

Shotting should be user-controlled. Easier level for 1st and 2nd level. Special should be added and user-controlled too. Please ADD other superheroes too. Overall graphics is superb. Tremendous effort. After all tgis improvement im sure i will give 5 star and invite other people as well

It actually good for kids. Easy gameplay and good management for advertising pop-up. Love the game-in-character designs. This will be good if you improve the game home design and maybe add more BBB characters!

This is a very awesome game. Altough l, it need some more character. And maybe, you can add some special power so example Boboiboy fire now can have the 3 split or not, when the level is already high enough, you can unlock the secind tier.

Overall it is an awesome game! Good job team! But, gameplay in portrait mode make it harder to expect upcoming obstacles. Please make it horizontal.

It was very fun! i played with my little brother and sister they liked it very much! But we wish there was more characters because it makes it kinda useless to play when there is not much characters but overall it was fun to play

The most beautiful and only official game of BoBoiBoy on Google Play. It has a non-forced ad option called “Watch Ad” that gives lots of energy.

Better than Super Mario Run in that it has no performance crushing drm or microtransactions. Game play is snappy and controls are responsive to touch. A good development.

This is a great game it’s a great way to relax or to spend your time but it gets a little little difficult as yo move on an go further and it is really good it even has Daly reward but it has a lot ads that’s why I am giving it a 4 star

This is very good game.I like it very much and I like boboiboy very much its my favourite cartoon. Monsta please make more boboiboy games and app.I think it just needed more characters because in boboiboy galaxy there were many more characters like boboiboy leaf,water wind light,solar, captain kaizo, papa zola, kokoci, sai, shieldha, lakshmana tarung, etc.

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