Camp Defense – Protect your camp from hordes of zombies

[Game] Camp Defense

Camp DefenseA new free tower defense strategy game! The best survival simulator in a post-apocalyptic world!

Your team is those who survived the apocalypse! Your goal is to protect your camp from hordes of zombies.

Fight zombies at gas stations, shops, restaurants in a post-apocalyptic world.


No Wi-Fi/Internet required! Play our strategy game and defend your camp in offline mode, without the Internet or Wi-Fi.

Download and enjoy the free version of the game.

Customize your truck so it can fight different enemies and test the power of your team and the strategy

Choose your heroes who will help you on the dangerous road

Adapt to various enemies, events and challenges of the post-apocalypse.

Play as survivors in a small camp! Create a virtual city and help to restore a peace on a scorched planet.

Discover the whole world and all the heroes BE PREPARED FOR everything.

Danger is everywhere. Be reasonable. Develop tactics and strategy in the offline tower defense game.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Camp Defense user reviews :

Really well made and very fun. The game has a variety of heroes, but there are a lot of money purchase only characters. Aside from that, there isn’t much that would be bad about the game. It also has a skiable tutorial and little to no forced ads.

Developers bit off more than they could chew I think. Art and animations were decent enough to catch the eye but A cheap subscription charge is just wrong if playing the game without it is basically an ad after ad limbo. All the stats of the characters are displayed with typos. Typos are littered throughout the entire game! There needs to be some sort of progression. I have only played for 2 weeks and I stopped seeing anything new after the first 2 days. I found a bug that gives me free gems too

  • Hi Brygon! We are very sorry that the game did not give you pleasure! We will take into account all your comments in further development. Thanks for the detailed feedback!

at first It was a great game but seems like you come to a wall pretty fast. kinda running out of things to do in game now just have to wait for income for small upgrades. I also paid to remove ads but still have to watch for a tiny amount of gems. I don’t see any way to save my account through Facebook or Google.

There needs to be more content. And the clans tab needs to be functional. Maxxed out the game within a week. But overall pretty fun has potiental just needs more work

fun so far. 4dollars spent “update” still on the same $4 spent. game has no growth after a point. now i just collect but upgrades are pointless. lack of content and new things has deleted this from my phone. check back in a year but im betting its a dead duck

There is a bug in ads where the x button wont appear, so you have to reload/restart the game again. Super annoying to the point of me considering uninstalling. Great game to pass the time, just fix the ads.

The level 160 gas station is not possible to complete. Not sure if it’s a glitch, but I spent an HOUR doing the battle, facing hundreds of enemies in massive hoards. The game eventually started lagging, and an hour into the battle it crashed and closed the game. An hour of my life wasted because I gained no XP.

  • Hi! There are many strong opponents in the Gas Station 160 level location. To pass this level, choose the suitable team, raise the levels of units and then you will not have any difficulties with this location. Please tell us more, have you encountered crash only in this situation or have there been such cases in other locations before? Thanks!

Fun and addictive game, some.of the op characters are a bit expensive but nothing like 95% of the stuff on here.

If it weren’t for the crashes, it’d be a fabulous little nostaglia trip. If it crashes during a fight, you will have to start the whole fight over again once you reboot the game. I’ll admit if you don’t play with the “auto battle” thing and you’re at low health, the “do you want to buy air support?” prompt is disruptive to using your special abilities which makes it more difficult to “win by the skin of your teeth” which is just frustrating. If you can forgive that, it’s still an enjoyable game.

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