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[Game] Clawmon – Cute Pet Machine

ClawmonThere are a fantasy world where islands can be transformed into giant claw machine. Each island has a special creature living known as Clawmon, they even can be evolved into different elements.

Anyone in this world wants to own Clawmon. Special children have been chosen by the world began their journey to the mysterious islands with the ambition of taming and conquering all of Clawmon in the world, they will try to achieve their noble mission.

But after a long time since the mysterious islands were discovered, no one has been able to complete a perfect collection, the various pieces handed down and the Clawmon story still has many unresolved secrets.

The chosen one, now is the beginning of the next journey. Make an effort to create your own collection. Good luck to you !

Claw Machine Game Guide:
1) Go to Claw Machine
2) Tap “Grab” button to collect Eggs, Coins & Gems.
3) Catch your favorite Pets.
4) Battle to gain experience.
5) Collecting Stones & Coins to evolve your pets.
6) Complete Clawmon’s collection in the current island then discover the next island.

A simple claw machine game, easy to controls.
Collection of adorable Clawmon pets! Start with the cute rabbits, up to 128 kinds !
Train your pet by fighting, evolve them and find new evolutions to complete the collection.
Earn extra rewards for playing everyday !
Simple but lovely graphics with Claw machines, Claw characters and Clawmon.
Separate battle mechanism.
Customize your character’s fashion.

New Update:
Stones Shop now opening, refresh every hour.
Update reference information about engraved stones in combat, display up to 3 stones, identify the remaining stones through play.
Reduced the level require of evolve for some level 2 clawmon.
Failed form of Clawmon can evolve immediately without leveling up!
Free extra reset machine added.

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Clawmon user reviews :

The game is slow but time filling. I can’t make any purchases, I just get a “Transaction declined” popup, but that only happens with this app. The grammar is a little broken, but it adds to the charm. The first branch of evolution is easy to figure out, but the second one is incredibly difficult. I am a bit bothered that you can only grab one thing at a time- so if you scoop 5 items, 4 will fall out. I just wanna clear the grab and go, but it takes a while. It’s a really cute game though!

  • Hi, Our trading account is experiencing problems, we will try to fix them as soon as possible, sorry for the inconvenience. We are making some better changes to this game for future update, hope you will come back and enjoy them later~ Thanks for your support!

I enjoy playing this, but I think a few things could be explained better; for example the second branch of evolution (still confused) and other features you can only find by exploring. I also think some things could be fixed a bit, like not being able to exit out of reward ads you accidentally clicked on. Otherwise, a very good game!

  • Thank you for your suggestions. we will make them better in the next update

Its cute. But its also slow and boring. Every claw picks up one thing at a time, slowly. Just one. It would be nice if there was some variation. Like it would be cool if it would let you pick up more than 1 item every few claws, maybe a random amount is picked up each claw between 1 and 3. That would be more exciting. And honestly this would be better for battles too. They also can get mundane.

  • Thank you for your suggestions. we will make them better in the next update!

cute art, I enjoy how there’s no wait time or claw limit. You can grab multiple stones in one go, you can refresh the zone with ads up to five times then use coins. Its basically a claw version of Pokémon. I enjoy it and the ads aren’t all that intrusive. I’ve been playing for 20 minutes and have only had two pop up during game play that weren’t because of me trying to refill the zone.

Ehh, it’s a so-so game. It doesn’t explain the mechanics of the game at all so players are left scratching their heads. And there’s no FAQ page that I could find either. There were serveral things I had ?s about that I still dont understand. I don’t think you can upgrade your claw, just power ups that run out quickly. Its repetitive, boring, I only saw one world (there doesnt appear to even be locked worlds). If you like collectathons then Clawberta and Clawbert do it better

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