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[Game] Clicker Warriors – Idle RPG

Clicker Warriors  Clicker Warriors is a free to play idle rpg clicker game.

Choose your strongest hero and take an endless journey to defeat creatures of darkness.

The game lets players to choose strong heroes which can be upgraded by increasing their attributes, talents and abilities. These heroes can be equipped with unique items which can be dropped from the enemies. Each item can be upgraded to a higher rarity. Also there is a crafting system where junk items can be used as craft materials.

The game will support multi platform account system where players can play on any device with the same account.

To participate in beta and for more info please visit;

Key Features

Auto Battle – Idle / AFK System: Your heroes keep fighting even when you are offline or afk. Claim your rewards when you return to the game. Use your resources to train your heroes, upgrade your items, improve your talents, unlock new attributes and get more powerful before the mighty dragon burns you into ashes!

Endless Zones: Explore and raid endless zones by defeating epic bosses and monsters!
Character system: Unlock new heroes. Kill monsters faster and get stronger.

Loot system: Slay monsters and loot items. Use your gear to get stronger and stronger.

Item crafting: Too much junk is not a bad thing. Merge your unnecessary items to craft new ones.

Rarity upgrade: Not satisfied with your loot? Just upgrade it and make it useful.

Item level upgrade system: Upgrade your items by using item upgrade scrolls which can be dropped by defeating enemies.

Tap, Click or Swipe: Support your heroes by tapping, clicking or swiping. Increase your tap damage by activating new talents and equipping item sets.

Active skills: Unlock your powerful active skills to support your warriors in battle.

Attributes: Unlock new attributes to improve your warriors abilities.

Warrior souls: Acquire warrior souls by defeating strong creatures to boost your warriors strength.

Talents: Use your warrior souls on talent tree to improve your warrior abilities.

Revival: Revive your warriors to grow even stronger!

Cross platform game play: Cross platform account support. Play with same account on ios, android or PC!

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E-Mail: support[at]

Clicker Warriors user reviews :

WOW! Back when I had a computer I was playing this on steam, and today I just found it, here in the play store. I can now continue from where I left off, That’s Epic! This game is sick, I love the upgrading of weapons and armor. So awesome!

Fun but frustrating. Font size issues, such as the description button on the corners of the skills. It’s really easy to accidentally click the description button. You store loot you’ve accumulated and when you click that a box takes up the middle of the screen so you have to close it. Both of these could be fixed/set with menu options. Also the random ads that play without clicking on anything are supposed to have an option to pay (which I would) to get rid of them, but the pay link is broken.

I really like the game so far but I only have one complain, it’s about the animation timing, the enemy seems to die even before the sword is swing. It’s bothering me because the enemy will disappear and my hero will swing at nothing. I only realized this problem after levelling up. Hope you guys could do something about this cause I really like the game

The game is interesting, the multiple classes are cool, and I like the graphics, but i think i have a small issue. I did the 13 dollar for 1200 warrior package and under that says “extra” 1200 was I supposed to get 1200 or 2400, I got the former and was curious if maybe the wording is off cause it sounds like it’s supposed to give 2400 total, my username is GNTA
  • Open World Interactive
  • We are sorry if that description missleaded you. If you could provide us your username we will reward you with additional stones. Thanks for the feedback.

only compliant i have, i constantly have to relock my items and reset my auto loot everytime i log in which is rather annoying. Would br nice if they stayed locked when i log in. Other then that i like the game.

Overly long tutorial, unresponsive server, it has all the makings of an awful idle game. At least the equipment system is kinda decent.
  • Open World Interactive
  • Thanks for the feedback. We will definitely imrpove the tutorials and also we are working on fixing the server related issues.

Great clicker game, awesome characters!!

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