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 1v1 lol
Colony Attack  Create your planet, build your fleet, explore the universe and FIGHT!

As the commander of your own colony you must prepare to fight for supremacy or simply fight for survival.

This massively multiplayer game allows you to create everything you need to grow your colony, build a powerful fleet of warships and attack other planets. As you battle for dominance you can choose to fight pirates, attack player planets or explore asteroids, stars and other deep space wonders looking for treasures.

Build ships including Fighters, Corvettes, Battleships, and the awesome Dreadnaught are ready to command.

Develop buildings such as Sensor Arrays, Plasma facilities, Research centers and Armories.

Research to unlock powerful Shields, Armor and new ships through the tech tree.

The Universe is populated with Planets, Asteroid fields, Debris, Nebulae and Stars to explore.

Attack other player planets or AI planets including the Empire and Pirates.

One Universe, every player amongst millions of stars, no more server selection.

Play with your friends, create alliances, top the leaderboard.

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A simply brilliant game!

Great graphics and fun to play

One of the best space MMO games on the play store. Easy to play, developers listen to your suggestions, and is constantly updated with new features. Get this game!

I run missions in Colony when I’m on break from Battle Monkeys!

Colony Attack user reviews :

It’s an enjoyable game. It’s mostly a complete missions, attack people or sheild constantly, and explore one of 7 planet types for extra resources to build ships.** The biggest negative is the gobal chat. There is a public service announcement that says be respectful and appropriate or you get banned to which is in no way followed or enforced, except when players get way out of control with extreme racists comments, and they get muted for a time. Constant extremely sexual comments in chat.

Love this game. It’s one of the few online games where you can be competitive without paying big money. No adverts either. Keep up the good work geekbeach. EDIT I have played this for years now and have come to the conclusion that there is very little done to discourage cheating. There are many players with humongous fleets that are very suspicious indeed. The developer simply must know this and yet does nothing. Pity! It’s ruining an otherwise addictive gaming experience.

Should add more vicheles and no more premium or just give people free trials from time to time. You should add missles lasers and warheads instead of 1 weapon anmation also there should be land battles. Also your flagship should be in the battle attacking hostile ships. Over all this is a good game.

slow but enjoyable game. it may not keep me intrested, but I am willing to reccomend it to anyone passing by this comment. It has stayed much the same over the years, simplistic, yet brutal.

I really pike this game and all of the different features. Especially alliances. One thing that I would change though, are the graphics and the recording of the battle. I think a free camera or something would be cool. Or at least being able to change which ship you are viewing. And the graphics doen’t need to be better, but less dark. Everything looks kind of, sad on the ppanet I think. Still a great game though.

My device gets very hot from playing very little But the game is fun to play please fix it and it can have a good future with a little bit of hard work

The game is good, but takes a lot of grinding. In particular getting nanites is REALLY slow. I have buckets of Titanium and Power, but no nanites to speed up ship building.

even if this was the best of its kind (witch it isn’t) it would not be worth 60$ a year, that is what they ask inorder to buy half the ships in game that are required to be competitve. and thats just for access to the ships it doesn’t even include any resorces or ships or anything. way to P2W

best game ever but i think it needs updates and ermm more ships and more warcraft allowed more max asin more ships you can have and more astroids that cna give better ships and more chance of getting them but this game is still amzing

Such a good game This is the best fighter game I have ever played. Very well designed!

Love it I can’t wait for the new updates!!!!

Really needs a power limit on who can attack you. I’m in a rookie training alliance so we’ll all bronze League fleet level. But every other day we’re all wiped out to square 1 by a gold League fleet level player with a elite member package. I could be building my processing facility if it wasn’t for Femme Fetale 300.000 invisible ships attacking 4 days a week. Rookies should only be attacked by other rookies.

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