Cooking Love – Fulfill your dream of becoming a cooking star chef

[App] Cooking Love – Chef Restaurant

Cooking Love  Transformed into a passionate chef, you will be invited to take part in the cooking adventure.

To fulfill your dream of becoming a cooking star chef, you have to accept these challenges with Cooking Love. Start your own fever to show off your crazy-cooking, time management and food serving skills!


Open 5-star restaurants in many countries: United States, Japan Cuisines, India, China, Mexico and coming soon
Variety of cultures from North America to South America, from Europe to Asia
Challenge 500+ frenzy levels and learn unique recipes to cook ton of delicious dishes
Kick off the magic kitchen by using powerful boosts
Enjoy addictive gameplay and endless cooking and baking fun!


Unlock restaurants all around the world as you can
Cook & serve 300+ yummy food meals
Upgrade ingredients and cooking kitchenwares
Try to serve more customers in time and create more combos
Use booster items to power up your cooking skills.
Do not burn or waste any food!

Download now! Time to join in the Cooking Love game! The food city is there to help you write your own diary for cooking love.

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Cooking Love user reviews :

Well im on the third building and the takoyaki balls cannot be upgraded so that it can cook more than one at a time even though it says 3 dishes, i fully upgraded it and nothing… its really frustrating. Because its almost 10000 coins, coins gone and when i subscribe to get my free gift it says error… so theres two glitches that i hope you fix , can you get me pass this level so i dont have to wait for an update its impossible to beat when multiple tako are ordered ?

How come my comment post yesterday is missing … ??? I wanted to give 5*, since I love playing this game, but since yesterday it is so frustrating … 1. The past 2 days, my coins is missing around 110.000 2. It hangs/stucks quite often, so I have to leave the game & re enter 3. If you watch an Ads, you will get something in return, but in this game, just to continue to the next level, you have to watch an Ads I am leaving the game …
  • CSCMobi Studios
  • Hi, we’re sorry you’ve encountered this problem! Please contact us at and share your details. Include the device you use, a screenshot or video (if possible), and when you had the problem. We will try our best to solve this problem. Thank you very much.
The graphics are a 10! The game play is challenging, but some issues need to be fixed. For example, the game sometimes sticks when you click on a graphic and jumps to an ad in the middle of game play. I would suggest less ads because that takes away from enjoying the actual game. Also, the voice sounds in the background are repetitive and not appealing at all. Just playing background music would be enough.
  • CSCMobi Studios
  • Hi, thanks for the review. Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us more specific suggestions at games[at] Thank you very much.
Fun game…except those pink diamonds are useless. First one collects them, then one has to pay to use them .uncool Seems the game is not being updated anymore. We are still in a Christmas scene in March.
  • CSCMobi Studios
  • Hi, thanks for the review. If you like our app, would you mind rating us 5 stars? That would be very encouraging for us. Thank you for your love and supporting our game.
The progression this far has been fair. If you want to buy boosts you can buy if you plan and work on upgrading, you can also advance. The rewards are fairly generous also. There are a lot of ads but since you can advance without paying, it’s an appropriate amount.
  • CSCMobi Studios
  • Hi friend, we are truly happy that you enjoyed our game. Thank you so much for your evaluation. Your praise will help us to create more interesting games.

It’s a cooking game and I’m just getting to play it. Games like this usually get to where it’s too fast to satisfy customers, that’s when I delete them, I’m going to play it for awhile and see if it’s like all the other cooking games I’ve deleted, when they’re too fast to keep up with

This is an interesting and fun game.. I really love the effects . If “the everything” is a word ..then the everything of this game is worth trying..there isn’t much address too
  • CSCMobi Studios
  • Hi, thank you for your love and support for our game. These good reviews give us great motivation to work harder to bring the best experiences to our users. Thank you very much.

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