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Country StarPlay Real Music in Country Star for free!
Follow the rhythm! Tap and Swipe to the instruments, vocals or beats to master your favorite songs and experience them in a whole new way.

Hundreds of fully original licensed songs – collect them all!
Country, Americana, Folk, Bluegrass, Alt Country, Honky Tonk, Southern Rock. This game has it all!

Feel every beat pulse through your fingers
Master songs by tapping, swiping and holding to the music to unlock new songs

Share new music with your friends and brag when you beat their score.
Play challenges and climb your way up the leaderboard.

Please note: a network connection is required.

Country Star requests storage permissions so that you can send our support team screenshots of anything you need help with or would like to report to us.

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Need help?
Contact us! support[at]

Country Star user reviews :

Love the game, love country music, but there needs to be an option to turn all the extras off, like the swiping and switching lanes, it gets too complicated and frustrating. I want to enjoy this game but these are taking the enjoyment out of it in my opinion. Also as mentioned by others, everytime you need support there’s an error message. Please add the option to switch extras off. I’ll be looking out for the update

I initially gave the game a 5 star rating but I have to drop it down to a 3 star for two reasons: difficulty and ads. Once you reach a certain level the difficulty gets cranked up to 1000. To the point where it’s near impossible to finish a song without spending gems, which you have to pay for. Some of the ads literally force me to restart the game because there’s no way to ‘X’ out of them after they’re done playing. It’s super annoying and kills the user experience. Shoutout Grady Smith

I like the game and all, but there are a few issues. 1. The game is glitchy, I understand it’s new and all, but it gets frustrating failing the song because of the glitches. 2. Tiles moves way too fast, and needs to slow down, then speed up. 3. The angle the tiles come down is little too far down, compared to beatstar where it’s more angled up, and easier. I gladly update to 5 stars when 1&2 are fixed.

I didi give this five stars but I have to say the lack of ads to help is not good. You have to spend an incredible amount of diamonds it’s too much! Do away with the directional tabs, it makes the game to hard and not fun and the chest unlock system. Only room for three and it takes forever for them to open unless I spend another ridiculous amount of diamonds. I think this game has a lot of potential, definitely headed in a great direction. I look forward to a easier more relaxed country game.

It’s alright. Beatstar is definitely better, the lack of music (yes I know that’s the point) is really bad. I feel like it way easier than Beatstar (possibly past experience) and I found progression to be quick, which personally I’m a fan of. Also constant lagging and lag input is annoying, but it’s the first days, I expected that. Recommended for anyone into country music.

i love the game the only thing I do not like is you have to swipe different directions on some of the tiles. if you’re going strong and the directional tile comes up it slows you down and throws you off. I could understand if it was a game that has different levels of difficulty but not doing it for all songs. cause I was really racking up points until the arrow tiles were unlocked

I love the game because it gives me the option to play music with no cussing. I wish there was a gospel version of the game. Nevertheless, a few issues that I found which I believe will be improved over time include glitching especially with the fast song plays. On top of that, I’m used to the color codes as you play which help you know if you’ve hit perfect+, perfect or great. Lastly it is the angle of the tiles, I thing they are a bit laid down as compared to beatstar

Absolutely love the game so far. Had my first negative experience today. Daily shuffle- deluxe Lainey Wilson, things a man ought to know. Hit both buttons to start and it instantly told me I missed a note. Because it’s worth tour points, it cost me diamonds. So that sucked. Other than that I think a lot of people are blaming the game for timing when unfortunately there are tons of reasons possible outside of that : type of phone, internet etc. Incoming notification can cause the buttons 2 glitch

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