Crazy Snake – Kill all enemy snakes

[Game] Crazy Snake

Crazy SnakeImmerse yourself into 8-bit ambiance of old school games!

We present a new exciting game CRAZY SNAKE.
This is an amazing version of a classical snake!!!

You control one snake. Other snakes have artificial intelligence. Snakes can move to any direction!

Each level has three rounds with different goals:

DEATHMATCH – you shall kill all enemy snakes.

GROW FIRST – increase to a certain length.

DOMINATION – a team game. You should capture control points. The goal of the team is to collect a specified number of points.

You shall complete any two rounds to open the next level.

You will meet gigantic snakes and flying dragons at advanced levels!

Eat bonuses to increase your characteristics:

Blue Berry – grow by 1 unit.
Red Berry – grow by 3 units.
Voilet Berry – grow by 5 units.
Mushroom – speed.
Pear – flexibility.
Kiwi – acceletator.
Cherry – protection.
Candy – flying dragon.

Features of game:
44 interesting levels.
Extraordinary game concept.
Cool 8-bit music.
New smart enemy snakes.
Video lessons. You can see the solutions of many levels.

Your snake is good. Enemy serpent is angry. Snakes like caterpillars.

If you bite snake for a tip tail, you will grow by one unit. If you crash into a snake, it will be divided by two parts, and you will lose some length. Collision near the tip tail of the snake is less dangerous. Collision near the head of the snake is more dangerous, because you will lose more units of length. Head-to-head collision is fatal for a shorter snake. This is a quick way to kill enemy snake. Collision to itself is dangerous, but it is useful in domination. Protected snakes are not divided. If you crash into the wall, you will lose 8 units of length.

Good luck!!!

Crazy Snake user reviews :

Terrible uncooperative controls results in snake crashing into walls, into other snakes & dying as controls so slow to respond, or don’t respond at all. Control options need upgrading. The control option to move snake with finger, or in a modern day circle pad & not the arrows either side of screen or arrows in a circle that don’t respond needed. The arrows either side of screen impossible to use when holding phone & playing on it. This is really a game to be played with a 1980’s joystick/mouse.

The game requires some light thinking but is very easy and smooth. Gets more challenging over time.

I love the game but i want to first in the match

So cute but I will suggest to make them move a little bit faster

It really Good I don’t know why people think that this game is so bad, but I love it

Very fun game, been playing it for years if I have a few minutes to kill.

Lots of fun! Whenever I want to be creative I spend time with this.

cant play well plz fix it. plz make it feel more ease…

I love the passion of this game not boring. But it make very good game if their an opponent came from some where in the planet . player to player game online and thier offline

Wish It Could Be Backed Up Some How. Just Got A New Phone And Hav To Start All Over

The graphics are definitely different and a little corny compared to the original snake, the music is old school and once you play the game a couple times you’re easily addicted. I play this along with words and hanging and trivia crack

I had played a snake game on Nokia N70 Phone. It was my best snake game please Port this game for android it will be the best snake game.

This is a good game to download very fun to play lots of boards in levels to beat if you like games download this one you won’t regret it

I’ve changed my phone 3 times in 3 years, and the first game i’ve downloaded in each phone is this game, luv it!

Very easy old school game. Wish it had more levels tho.

Love this game but can’t get past lev 21 lol

Nice game and I think that it is a great strategy game

I really love the game, but whenever I am in one game unless there is no pause and I can’t get out until I’m done.

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