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CuriosityCuriosity : Is the power of curiosity enough to unite the world in solving one mystery?

Curiosity : We know there are server and coin issues and are working hard to fix these, the next server update will be on Sunday 11th November.

Please take a look at this video to hear from the 22cans team directly on what we are doing to resolve this. hzzp://
Join thousands of people worldwide to simultaneously chip away at a giant Cube to discover the life-changing secret buried inside.

★★★★★ “This is absurdly addictive.”
★★★★★ “The greatest mystery the world has ever known.”
– “Curiosity Really Can Change Gaming Forever” –

Deep in the centre of the Cube is something life-changingly amazing, but only the first person to reach the centre will discover what’s inside.

Even after the amazing discovery has been uncovered by one lucky individual, there is still more on the Cube to be revealed to the world.

***On your journey to the centre of the cube you shall discover many experiences…***

✔ Join thousands of people in being part of a one-of-a-kind social experiment
✔ Earn coins for chipping away at the Cube and spend them on new destructive and playful tools to get to the centre of the Cube faster. The more you chip away, the more powerful you become.
✔ Enjoy the addictive nature of chipping away at the Cube
✔ Make beautiful music just by interacting with the Cube.
✔ Experiment with creating text and pictures just by chipping shapes into the surface of the Cube.
✔ Watch the cube evolve as the world’s impact on the Cube’s surface changes over time.
✔ Each layer of the Cube holds something unique for the world to reveal.
✔ How long can you chip away at the Cube for in fast succession? Earn coins the longer you can last and compare your score with your friends.
✔ Invite your friends to indulge their curiosity, compare your progress together, and find each other on the Cube.
✔ Relax to the very therapeutic activity and soundscape.
✔ Experiment with various techniques. Everyone interacts with the Cube in their own way!
✔ Keep revisiting the Cube over time to find new surprises.
✔ This is the first of 22Experiments from the legendary designer Peter Molyneux.

Will the power of curiosity bring the world together?

Curiosity user reviews :

Cant even join the game. Heard so much about it. Another dissapointment from molyneux. Still a week later and coins going missing. Dodgy placed facebook button that disconnects you and thats if you can even get onto the server. Really poor i expected better from a team with so much game experience.

Fun. But full because yogcast told everyone about this game and server flooded. Good for 22cans though maybe they’ll upgrade to bigger servers or less people will be on, Soon, i hope :(


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