Dark Throne – The human land occupied by the Demon Realm

[Game] Dark Throne – The Queen Rises

Dark ThroneThe heroes of the human world begin a great adventure to bring peace back to Izendar, the human land occupied by the Demon Realm.

Enjoy a variety of gameplay options, such as ever-growing demons, epic items, three different game modes, etc.

Authentic ‘hack and slash’ action role-playing game with
Battles with intense actions with thrill
Exhilarating pleasure of sweeping enemies away at once with exquisite skill action!

Various missions and hidden traps with:
Captivating battles in the demon world imbued with intricate plots and missions to complet
New dungeons being changed with infinite combinations
Boss stages requiring unique strategies

Charming heroes with various characteristics
Paladin, Assassin, Demon Hunter and more
A variety of weapons and armors, and action-skills

AAA quality game
Jeehyung Lee as Art Director, who is also the cover artist of renowned comic books
Dark Throne OST featuring K-Pop top producer Keeproots
Sound effects that maximize the immersion of the game

In-depth gameplay experience with
‘Stress-free’ game control with simple and easy operation
Meticulous UX designs

Dark Throne user reviews :

Nice graphics but the game itself is poor. Awful energy system in place limiting your ability to play. Its auto attack mode and unintuitive controls handicap the game too much. Devs, let the players control the character instead of this silly auto mode, and remove the awful energy system.

goods but it should have an attack button for much more rpg experience. and also make the game smoother, the action, and the hit flinch from the enemies were too much

Wow this game is really cool! I like the attack styling, and graphics are great too. Anything similar to Diablo 1,2,or 3 makes me happy!!

Good game, it’s a shame you can only play a few times before you have to wait a few hours for an energy to play one more stage. You’re gonna lose a lot of players because of it.

Loving it till now. Waiting to be fully integrated with tokens and nft market. Looks promising.

Good graphics and mid combat…. But it’s the movement that totally ruins this game for me… Almost feels like it’s just a clicker game to me! No choice in combat,barely any choice in movement,they should have made it to where you can choose which attack you use, instead it’s just on repeat(which makes it almost like a clicker game) mobile games have advanced and don’t have to be chained to basic movements and skills

I really love this game. I love the semi idle groove. I don’t like the fact that it uses stamina (scrolls) with excruciatingly long recharge times. It’s also online only so up here in the mountains when the power goes out (frequently) I can’t play. The server is unstable and a lot of wait time with spinning circles and dropped network connections (I have very high speed wifi, it’s not me). If the game was offline and premium I’d pay $20 for it. Had to uninstall

Good game but lacking story elements. Never played a game with no story.

Promising game, straight forward gameplay with four different classes. Decent equipment and various skills to fit your own playstyle. Crossplay steam/android that allows you to play whenever you need to relax

It’s mind boggling how a game this good can have only 1 thousand downloads! The graphics are higher than even some Triple-A studio games! The movement system is so unique! My only problem is that it’s a little hard to target onto a single enemy. Usually in RPGs, I click on a monster to target them or a group of them, but here, I walk past them and have to turn around to attack. Amazing game with spot on Triple-A graphics!

I like the idea, but I’m all about controller support with action RPGs like this. They’re much better enjoyed mirrored to a TV.

i don’t like full automatic control it’s better to manual experience

Not the sort of game I usually play as I prefer having on screen controllers but having tried this I do quite like it and it is easy to play especially with the automatic fighting. Graphics are really good and unlike most games you are not constantly hounded by ads

I hate is that you cant control your character like the usual control buttons. And this new type of auto attack is just not my cup of tea. Other than that, the graphic is good. Gameplay still need more refined

need a joystick to control more properly and i don’t know why you have a mini in the middle of the screen but you didn’t pinpoint where the character are

Beautiful game but point and click with automatic attacks will kill your game. Please add some controllers for enchanting the play experience. Thanks

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