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Did You KnowTurn On Your Screen Learn Interesting Facts. And It’s All Free…

*Have you ever wanted to learn new amazing facts regularly every day and increase your general knowledge?

*And have you ever decided to do so; but give up learning after a while like many of us?

*Wouldn’t it be marvelous if you had the chance to learn interesting facts when you turn on your screen?

*And wouldn’t it be excellent if you decided what, when and how many you want to learn every day?

So here’s the good news:
You can do it all with this “Did You Know” app.

What Is “Did You Know”
“Did you know” is a ”general knowledge – interesting facts / fun facts” app that helps you learn new amazing facts every day, even if you forget to do so. The idea is simple: You decide what to learn (among 20+ topics), when to learn and how many things to learn every day. And that’s it! Relax and go back to your work. “Did You Know” will take care of the rest. You will soon start to learn new fun facts.

Let’s say you have chosen to learn 10 new facts from History, Nature, Science, Music and Human Body on each day. And you only want to learn during morning and evenig periods (because you’re at work in afternoon ). So here is what’s going to happen: At random times during mornig and evening periods (never exceeding 10 times a day), when you turn on your screen (i.e. at your lock screen) , the app will come up and say “Heyy did you know this amazing fact?…”.

Well, are you busy enough right now and can’t learn another new weird fact? Just click “Show Later” button. You are going to see the same amazing fact later on.

Or happily, you have the time to read that little sentence. Then just click “Got It”.

(In both cases, the app will disappear immediately letting you go on with your phone)

And if you want to add the fun facts to your favorites and repeat them anytime you want. Then just click the yellow star…  Well, it’s actually orange…

And last but not least; you are not limited to lock screen learning only. If you get bored and want to learn some fun facts you may use the app whenever you want and increase your general knowledge by learning these interesting facts.

That’s It! Simple enough. You have made your dream come true. You will learn new cool fun facts selected from a database of over 20+ topics and 1900+ facts (we continuously increase these numbers with updates). And you will do it every day.

Happy learning …

Did You Know user reviews :

I really appreciate this app’s idea and execution. It’s easy to adjust several features of the app if/ when you need to. I’m impressed by the variety of topics you can choose from, and the options that are offered to help personalize the app to you. The facts are always interesting, never repetitive, nor too difficult or easy. This app is really a great way to infuse learning into your day, or even start a conversation.

  • Thank you for this great review. Happy to hear that you liked the app. Hope it helps you learn new interesting facts. Regards

It’s cool app with wide varieties of facts presented in pop up window. This is a great subconscious learning. At first I wasn’t sure where the pop-up is coming from. Not many ads that i can notice and gives me facts. When my phone is dimmed down the facts appear nearly invisible or very hard to read. Just simple black and white. Good contrast is a must if you expect anyone older to read it. Thank you

  • Hello, thank you for your review :) Based on your advice and some other suggestions, we are going to make an update to increase the contrast on the lock screen. Regards…

Love learning short tid-bits!! I love this app. It’s NOT intrusive at all and the ads are small at the bottom, thank you. One thing I’d love changed is the bright colored questions, those ones (white text on bright background) for me, it’s hard to read. But, that all and a small thing at that. I’ve never tried fact learning apps amd I really love this one. Gives you good options too to change the settings. :-) Very happy. (I’m not a spam reviewer, I’m a real person and I say the app is great! )

  • Hello, thank you for this great review. We are so happy to know that you liked the app. We are going to take your recommendation about the colors into evaluation for the coming updates

I really enjoy learning neat facts every day and this app is perfect for that! It doesn’t contain overly intrusive ads and you can customize how many facts you get per day, the time/times of day you’d like to receive them, and the categories. I’m rating 4 stars because although I enjoy the app, there’s still ads and I know that’s the price for most free apps but I do have quite a few that are completely free, ad free, and well maintained and that’s the only type that will get 5 stars out of me!

  • Hello, thank you for your review. We are happy to hear that you liked the app. We have tried to keep the ads as few as possible to offer a good user experience. However we, developers, depend on the revenue from our apps in order to make our living. That’s why we have ads. Hope you understand the issue. Regards

it would be cool if there was a little review or overview at the end of the week of the facts you’ve seen during that time and the ones you starred. Or maybe even a little optional quiz on those facts. Great app! I love learning all these random and cool facts

  • Hello, thank you for your review and the feature idea. Glad to hear that you liked the app

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