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EmuPSX XL  EmuPSX XL is an emulator of the famous 32 bit console PSX (PS1, PSOne or Playstation 1).

The app emulates graphics, sounds and peripherals to perfection.

This PSX emulator is fullscreen, fast and very easy to use. Simply load your roms, play and have fun!!!

No games ROMs file are included in the application!
Screenshoots are from various Open Source / Demo / Free games

App features:

High quality graphics emulation (use OpenGL)
High quality sounds emulation (with stereo features)
Easy to use ROMs find interface with deep scan (place your ROMs in your device “Download” folder)
Load “img”, “iso”, “ccd”, “cue”, “sub”, “bin” and “mdf” ROM files
Load “7z”, “zip” and “rar” archive files
On screen controllers with various layouts and types with use of vibration
Supports hardware peripherals such as gamepads, joysticks, keyboards and more
Emulates PSX memory cards
Multi disk game support
Quick save and load game state

EmuPSX XL is based on the Open source PCSX ReARMed project

EmuPSX XL user reviews :

Plays Parasite Eve well. There is a little static in the audio, but I will pretend that the disk is a little scratched. A little issue with the “memory card”, because after formatting (the “memory card”) saving, closing out the application, and attempting to load it doesn’t work. Lost around 2 hours of play time. Other than that it is adequate.

Runs games extremely well and you don’t need to worry about extracting files, however the touchscreen controls are pretty bad and very hard to control and don’t respond properly. Once again this does a good job at running games but there are better psone emulators out there.

App seems to work pretty well other then that fact that I can’t seem to save. Twice I have played for a few hours and saved a couple times but while is seems to say it saves but when I go to load the save to continue my game there is no save data. Am I doing something wrong?

currently their are no issues. saving game data is a bit hard at first but after a hile its easy. ads are no problem either

Thankyou. After a day of playing without incident, I am currently playing “legend of legaia” (game irrelevant), I had my earbuds bluetoothed and disconnected them then it reset game. Luckily I just started up for the night so I only lost about 3 minutes since last save but figured I’d share that.

The app itself works great but for multi disk games it’s awful I’m a huge legend of dragoon fan and not being able to play the other 3 disks is a big let down. More than likely going to look for one that will work and play all 4 disks

Now I would rate this 5 stars but they’re is so much problems like number 1 audio the audio is very glitchy especially for spiderman Number 2 the d pad is so small and sometimes R2 feels unresponsive number 3 ONLY SPECIFIC ROMS WORK omg some just come up with a black screen

Was unusable for me as it does allow the landscape mode to work on either side of the phone. In my case, I have a controller plugged into the phone and would have to use it upside down to use the app. Ridiculous that it doesn’t tie to the orientation of the phone or have a simple check box to flip the landscape ( as others do)

I would give this 5 stars in a heartbeat but it is locked to one orientation only. This means I can’t use my controller. So sad. Edit: through a third-party app, I’ve managed to invert the screen so now I can use my Gamrsir controller! Yay!! However, no fifth star because I shouldn’t have to rely on third-party apps to solve a rotation problem.

i love this app. really bring back my childhood memory thank you. but it’s have some flaws that make me want to review here. the other day i play a game and already quick save at the last mission but when i open the app and miss click save instead of load button its make my load game at the starting point. please make multiple or double slot slot for save file. its can help to preven this ever happen again and also in game save is not working. after closing the save data its erase the save file

I love how this actually works I’m not like other actual PlayStation emulators but the one problem about this is the fact how this does not have cheats and I am not asking for Auto cheats I’m just asking for some cheats in the game. Also DualShock controllers look promising but they just don’t work so I have to keep playing games by d-pad. I hope you see this comment because I want it to be fixed and if you do was see this and if you do it fix it I will give this five stars

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