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FalouWanna learn a language really fast? Don’t have time for tedious language lessons or expensive language courses? So you’ll love Falou’s fast language learning method! Join Millions of students who trust Falou’s innovative language lessons to quickly learn Spanish, learn French, learn English and 14+ languages.

1 Billion+ words learned with Falou®
300K+ 5-Star Ratings
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Get ready to learn a language with practical lessons and improve your pronunciation in record time. With Falou, you’ll quickly have the confidence to have real conversations in French, Spanish, German, Korean, Chinese, English, Russian and more.

Wanna go travel the world but need to learn Spanish? Study abroad but need to learn French? Or maybe get a better job and need to learn English? Falou will help you reach all your goals much faster.



Start speaking a language from Lesson 1
Learn a language with practical, real-life based conversations (the only way to become fluent)
Artificial Intelligence to help you master your pronunciation and speak any language with confidence
Language lessons created by 200+ native speakers
Smart language lessons that will help you learn to Speak, Write, Listen and Read in Spanish, French and 12+ languages while having fun!


Introducing yourself
Ordering food at the Restaurant
Checking-in at the Airport
Booking a Hotel room
Shopping at the Mall
Taking a Taxi
Buying a subway ticket
Visiting an exhibition at Museum
Doing a job interview
Making a presentation at work
Going to the beach


Learn English
Learn French
Learn Spanish
Learn Italian
Learn Chinese
Learn Korean
Learn German
Learn Russian
Learn Portuguese
Learn Turkish
Learn Dutch
Learn Polish
Learn Swedish
Learn Danish
Learn Croatian
Learn Norwegian
Learn Vietnamese
… more language courses and language lessons coming soon!

Even if you already have language lessons or use other language apps like Duolingo, Babbel or Rosetta Stone – don’t worry. Falou is the best complement to your language studies and will help you learn Spanish, French, German and many other languages much faster!

Download Falou now and start speaking a new language TODAY!

Falou user reviews :

The app looks good. I like the upbeat mood, i dislike the sales pitches. Before getting to actually try the app, it started bombarding me with offers for an annual subscription (no trial or monthly options, perhaps targeted to impulse buyers, yellow flag). Without this premium version, I’m stuck at the “hello, my name is x” level. But this level is totally not fit for me so I’m prevented from testing how it would actually work for me, quite unexpected and frustrating

This app has three problems. Number one, ads. An ad pops up every time you finish a course. It’s super annoying. Number two, voice recognition. Like I’m learning French, and I’m saying it correctly. But it just says I’m wrong and I have to retry and retry until I get fed up and skip it. The pronounciation is also wrong. Number three, I don’t like the daily free limit. Please do read this and do something about it.

Honestly wish I’d been able to try more before paying cos whilst the premise is good, the voice recognition isn’t great with some words – especially on the word-by-word. You can literally say the word exactly as the example and it doesn’t register or tells you it is wrong. It is frustratingly nitpicky given I actually speak basic French and have never had an issue being understood or with those words on other apps. The voice recognition really needs improving. Wish I could get my money back.

I’ve done like 6 practices. So far it looks okay, but the app it’s cluttered with ads to make you buy the premium version. I understand that’s where they get the money from, but there’s an ad for it after every single lesson. Sometimes the ad ends, you close it, and it instantly opens another one. You close that one, and it opens another one after it. You can’t skip the ads, you have to go through it. It’s basically making you tap on “continue” to subscribe to the premium app.

It’s a lot of fun and makes learning pretty easy but the voice recognition needs a TON of work. You say words properly and it still says you got it wrong so you have to constantly repeat yourself or it just won’t recognize that you said something. Sometimes you have to wait a long time for to recognize that you said anything at all. Still recommend it but be prepared to be frustrated.

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