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[Game] Farm Idle – Moo Tycoon

Farm Idle  Grow, harvest, and build an idle farm township & become a farming idle tycoon!

Farm Idle: Moo Tycoon is a cute, fun farm idle simulator that puts you in the tractor’s seat of an entire farming village. Feed the chickens, milk the cows, and harvest your crops to build a farm empire!

Click, tap, and upgrade your buildings to earn cash. Hire workers to help manage your business. Tend your farmer’s garden and sell your goods to the farmer’s market for profit!

Sow seeds in the fields of your farmland and watch your crops grow.

Gather your crops for sale!

Hire workers to run your farm and collect cash, even when offline!

Expand your town by buying new acres for cows, pigs, chickens, and other cute farm animals!

Farm Idle: Moo Tycoon is a free-to-play game, but some in-app purchases use real currency.

Farm Idle user reviews :

This game is alright but there is but only one reason why I’m giving this 3 stars and that is that it keeps crashing on me and also keeps telling me to update Google Play Games. My Games app is up to date and it also isn’t disabled from my settings so… what gives? I’m trying to get (Free) Diamonds in My Singing Monsters but it seems like I cannot. Could you potentially fix this at some point that would be much appreciated.

What a let down for a game. I expect better from Kongrgate. Slow loading of the game. Game crashes during game especially in the event game. Then I lose the amount of dollars on the property when the game crashes. My battery draining quickly with this app. The only reason it received 2 stars is for easy game play, good tutorial and nice graphics. There are better games out there than this one. I hope Kongrgate gets their act together.

I am rather enjoying this game. I completed their previous game (Idle Frontier), so I knew this one would also be good. So far, I have seen zero bugs. Also, this game (and the previous one) does not have a paywall. Give it a try if you would like a “non headache inducing” challenge.

I do actually like the gameplay in this, but it crashes so often that it kind of makes it a pain to try and play. The last time I had to force restart my phone bc the game froze and wouldn’t shut down properly. A shame, because I love the art and events, but not worth the frustration in its current state

I enjoy playing it but am frustrated at how long it takes to upgrade farmers to get them to man the stations on their own, especially in the event stages. I haven’t been able to make them self-collecting in many stages now. So frustrating.

This game had me addicted in the first minute. It’s interactive, has great design, and overall I think the designers put a lot of work into their game. I would love to see something else from this company to test their limits and see what else they can do, thanks for your time.

Love this! Although at one time, there was an error when I had enough bills but can’t hire the manager of wool factory.

Continually crashing. Update keeps getting stuck at 79%. Was 5 stars. If these issues get fixed, it definitely will be 5 stars again!

I love the grafics. Easy play …not a money grabber.. recommend to anyone who wanted to just enjoy a fun game

Super cute and easy to play, once your farms are automated you can let the app idle and still make lots of money for upgrades

I like this one much better than their other 2. But, just like the other 2, if you’re not willing to pour money into it, don’t waste time on the events. Cause they will NOT let you earn the seeds or cards you need. After about the 3rd town, you’re going to be doing everything manually. You will be lucky to automate even one factory.

This is actually really cute, and it’s easy to play it without depending on ads for progress

Not a bad game, definitely difficult to play without spending money. You need managers to automate, the managers have to be a certain level and card and the seeds to spend to upgrade are difficult to come by without spending money. Too much of a hassle for an idle game.

Good casual game but I wish updating managers would cost so much seeds if you don’t like to make in app purchases all the time

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