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FasticSay bye, bye to fad diets and start intermittent fasting with Fastic.

We’re the world’s largest fasting community with over 25M users, so you’ll find the motivation and support you’re looking for. Look good, feel great and develop healthy habits with the expert-backed Fastic app.

So, how does it really work?
Intermittent fasting has been shown to lead to sustainable weight loss. That means you’ll get reconnected to your body for results that last. When fasting, your body enter ketosis, the body’s “fat-burning” process. You’ll have more energy during this time to do what you love, and lose stubborn fat at the same time!

Is Intermittent Fasting healthy?
Yes. The Nobel Prize-winning fasting method is safe and natural. Studies show that giving the body a short break from constant digestion gives vital organs a chance to rest, and even promotes cell regeneration!

Is the Fastic App suitable for me?
The Fastic app is great for beginners and fasting veterans alike. You won’t need to change your diet or restrict any groups of food. It’s super easy to integrate into your life!

Why Intermittent Fasting?
Burns body’s fat reserves
Promotes regeneration and detoxification
Slows down aging process
Can prevent diabetes and other diseases
Simulates production of human growth hormone
Increases metabolism
Boosts health and energy
Improves brain and body functions
Sheds fat naturally and effortlessly
Improves life quality
Helps lose weight without dieting
Avoids yo-yo effect
Avoids calorie-counting

Start Intermittent Fasting with Fastic
Fasting Timer – Tracks fasting window effortlessly
Body Status – Identifies and tracks key stages in your fasting journey
Water Tracker – Logs your water intake and sends reminders
Step Counter – Monitors your step count to enhance your progress
Continuous app development and feature updates
Suitable for both beginners and advanced
Suitable lifestyle change for men and women
Compatible with building muscle and weight training
Stable and sustainable results versus yo-yo diets
Google Fit synchronization possible
Free of advertising

Become Part of the Fastic-Plus Community and Reach Your Goals Even Faster
Recipe Book – Explore over 400 simple, delicious recipes
In-House Academy – Learn more about all things healthy living
Daily Challenges – Stay on track with motivating challenges
Weekly Challenges – Check out a variety of fun tasks to build healthy habits
Fasting Buddies – Connect with Fastic friends to stay accountable
Social Media Channel – Get inspired and stay in the loop
Expert guidance to reach your goals faster
Valuable insights to monitor your progress
Daily schedule tailored to your needs

Long-Term Benefits
Achieve your ideal body type in the most natural & sustainable way
Strengthen your immune system with your body’s self-healing mechanism
Consciously boost fat loss
Detoxify your body through fasting-related cell-regenerating processes
Normalize your blood sugar level by stabilizing insulin levels
Refresh your life quality by activating your natural anti-aging process
Restore your balance as intermittent fasting connects body, mind & soul
Protect yourself from illnesses like heart disease and diabetes
Reduce or prevent allergies and inflammations

Fast according to your daily life
Gentle – 12:12 | 13:11 | 14:10
Moderate – 15:9 | 16:8 | 17:7
Intense – 18:6 | 19:5 | 20:4

What are you waiting for?

Feel good, guaranteed! Download it now for free!

Studies on intermittent fasting:
Fastic Plus Feel Good Guarantee:

Intermittent fasting is not suitable for pregnant/nursing women, children under 18 years of age or persons with diagnosed eating disorders.
*Individual results may vary

Fastic user reviews :

4 month review: Fashion over Function when it comes to the confusing layout, Fastic makes you work to get to the fasting section and history, which should be front and center. It’s to flesh out the product more, but there should be some hierarchy when it comes to what’s primary and what’s supplementary. I’d love a monthly and annual view of my progress as well. The ads are pestering from time to time, and the Plus content is on most things. I do prefer this over 3rd party ads, though.

The app is very useful for keeping track of your fasting start and stop times as long as it’s less than 24 hours. I recently discovered it will only go up to a 23 hours. There should be a custom setting so one can set their own fasting schedule. I don’t want the app to dictate my fasting time/length. The “recipe” section must have been an after thought because there truly isn’t much effort or thought put into these bland and boring recipes. I paid for the premium version but I won’t renew.

  • Hey Rose, our team is in the process of adding more fasting programmes! Also one with 24:0 – for the real fasting fans! Stay tuned! Your Team Fastic

Edited as my earlier review was good but since then it seems to have gotten glitchy. Like not recording the end of my fast when I record it the first time then later having to go back and try to remember when I ended my fast again. Sometimes won’t load anything at all. Works for reminding me about timing and water. Was fasting a bit before. Just keeps me more on track.

  • Thank you for your great feedback! This motivates us a lot.

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