FillUp – Calculate and track your gas mileage

[App] FillUp – Gas Mileage Log

FillUp  A simple, easy to use application to calculate and track your gas mileage (fuel economy/efficiency).

When you buy gasoline, just enter the amount you purchased and your current odometer value. FillUp will calculate your gas mileage, maintain a log of your purchases, and display plots and statistics for your data.


Manages data for one or more vehicles.
Calculates and plots average gas mileage.
Calculates and plots monthly totals for gas purchased and distance driven.
Stores all data on the device – doesn’t use your data plan.
Can import/export your data to CSV files on your sdcard.
Share the CSV files with other Apps for cloud backup! (Dropbox, e-mail, etc.)
Share statistics as an HTML report file.
Totally FREE!! No ads!
Open source

Selectable units of measurement – can calculate:

miles per gallon (MPG)
kilometers per liter (KM/L)
liters per 100 kilometers (L/100KM)
miles per imperial gallon (UK MPG) – from miles and liters.
miles per imperial gallon (UK MPG) – from kilometers and liters.
kilometers per gallon (KPG)

Selectable data entry mode – when adding fuel data, choose which values to enter:

Enter Total Cost and Fuel Amount, FillUp will calculate Fuel Price
Enter Fuel Price and Total Cost, FillUp will calculate Fuel Amount
Enter Fuel Price and Fuel Amount, FillUp will calculate Total Cost

We’re always looking to improve – have a problem, suggestion or comment? E-mail it to or post a review.

Source code:

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FillUp user reviews :

Been using for 5 years now , can actually track how the fuel prices have gone up visa vis driving habits and efficiency.. Would love to see an iOS port as well :) great effort developers ..thanks!

Been using this to track fuel mileage for a couple years now. Easy to see how changes in driving habits and the seasons affects fuel mileage. I only have one car but it looks like it would be easy to compare between multiple vehicles as well. Very useful!

This app would be a world beater if it could incorporate Hybrid petrol/electric cars too. Electric charge rate, mileage, charge costs and something to calculate cost per mileage

LOVE this app but I keep getting a getting a message that states the mileage I’m inputting is less than the mileage it should be when, in reality, the mileage I’m inputting is at least 7k MORE. I would understand if I missed a fillu0 sort of. I’ve been using this app for year’s but when I downloaded to my new phone I get this annoying popup.

Great app, simple to use and accurate in calculating. If I could make a suggestion I would like to be able to make notes about when I did something to the car, like an oil and filter change or whatever. 5 stars.

ReUser. Used this for a couple of years, a couple of years ago. Was excellent then, assume it’s the same now. Reloaded to track motorcycle numbers.

Just what I need. Simple to use and gives me the info I want. Wish my wife and I could share the info on our phones

When used with latest version of android (pi) the input screen doesn’t scroll when the “next” button is selected so the keyboard covers the “notes” input field. If you hide the keyboard and then reselect “notes” the keyboard pops up again and you can’t see what you are entering. this has been my mileage tracker app for years and now I have to find another. This app has no way to file a trouble report. if you have an old Android version I would rate this app 4+ stars.

I’d give it a 5th star if it had just a couple more options that I’d personally like to see. 1. a way to check mileage over a custom range, and the ability to compare it to another custom range. 2. If the mileage falls outside of a set percentage deviation from the average, an alert.. example if your average is 25 mpg, and suddenly your mpg is 20 it changes the background of the calculator or the text in the log to red.

Great app to keep records of refueling of one or more vehicles. Clean, clear interface, very easy and quick to use once setup. Suited for single device but can be used by multiple devices (instructions in help file). Help file is understandable but not required due to the clear design of the interface.

This app is so easy to use. Other apps are so complex. I just wanted something quick and easy, and this does it for me. If I could have one enhancement, it would allow me to select a vehicle and a specific date range to create an “expedition”. Then I could see cost and mileage associated with my vacation. But I can do it manually.

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